What’sApp Now Available For BlackBerry Z10


Messaging service WhatsApp is now available for the BlackBerry Z10 providing the handset has been updated to run the latest version of the BlackBerry 10 software.

During the launch of BlackBerry’s new flagship it was revealed that WhatsApp along with a host of other third party applications, would be heading to the new BlackBerry 10 mobile platform.

WhatsApp is a multi-platform service and has become hugely popular with Android and iOS users. The messenger service offers Z10 owners an open alternative to BlackBerry’s exclusive BBM service, providing the same functionality which allows users to exchange instant messages, files, video and audio, for free.

In addition to WhatsApp, the BlackBerry Z10 is also set to offer BBM use over Wi-Fi, something that is not possible on older BlackBerry devices.

Prior to the Z10’s launch BlackBerry had never been highly regarded for its abundance of apps and the lack of them became one of the reasons why the firm lost prospective users to other mobile platforms.

During the launch of the BlackBerry 10 powered Z10, the firm revealed the new operating system has received the backing of 70,000 app developers, although many titles popular on other mobile platforms are yet to be introduced.

WhatsApp is just one of many apps that will help put the Canadian manufacturer in sync with the likes of Android and iOS. It’s a welcome addition to the BlackBerry World app store after it was revealed last week that big names including InstagramNetflix and Spotify have no imminent plans to develop apps for BlackBerry 10.

The Z10 marks the start of a whole new approach from BlackBerry and hopefully users won’t have to wait too much longer before a host of other apps join WhatsApp, which is available to download from BlackBerry World now.

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