Galaxy S4 Mini Leaked in Samsung TV Service Update

Samsung Galaxy S4 S Back Camera

Samsung may have inadvertently confirmed the existence of the Galaxy S4 Mini, a trimmed-down version of its Galaxy S4 flagship, in an update to its mobile TV browsing service.

A recent update to WatchOn, the Korean manufacturer’s proprietary service which uses infrared technology to turn a smartphone into a TV remote control, lists a number of supported devices in its technical specs. Included amongst these are several so far unseen Samsung handsets, including the Galaxy S4 Mini.

Also named in the list are the S4 Active and S4 Mega. The former of these is rumoured to be a rugged version of the Galaxy S4 that is designed for outdoor use, being both water and dust resistant. The latter could be a larger version of the flagship, with Samsung having recently announced the similarly named Galaxy Mega 5.8 and Mega 6.3.

Rumoured spec s of the S4 Mini suggest that it will have a 4.3-inch display and 1.6GHz, dual-core processor. Many of the innovative features that were introduced with the Galaxy S4, such as Air Gesture and Smart Pause, are also believed to be coming to the smaller device.

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