Weekly Web Highlight: Windows 3.1 Simulator

Windows 3.1

For those of you who have complained about Windows 8’s Metro interface and its lack of a Start button, this could well be a shock to the (operating) system.

Our latest Weekly Web Highlight is a website that runs a simulation of Windows 3.1 in your browser, taking you all the way back to 1992, a time before the much-loved Start button was even introduced.

Clicking around the site opens up a variety of folders that house some old, but strangely familiar, applications. It’s bizarre to see ancient versions of software that still exists, if in name only.

Media Player stands out as the name that Microsoft still uses for its native music and video application, and Control Panel is there to house your computer’s settings, as it does today.

While the Internet Browser that was included in the original Windows 3.1 package may well have long since been surpassed in functionality, the version here appears to be far more capable than the original. It even manages to play YouTube videos, which wouldn’t have been happening back in the early nineties.

Seeing such an old version of Windows is like a geek’s trip down memory lane and while certainly nostalgic it also highlights how little some of the basic and fundamental concepts of Microsoft’s OS have changed in the decades since.

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