Smartphone Battery Life Averages Up to A Day

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The average smartphone user finds their handset’s battery keeps the device running for up to a day, according to a Dialaphone poll. We’ve been asking readers of our blog about how their smartphones consume power and it looks like many people can get through an average day without having to plug their handset in.

Long gone is the time when a Nokia or Sony Ericsson feature phone could go the best part of a week without being charged if you were careful with it. The functions and features of smartphones are a far greater drain on power that has caused charging cycles to shrink greatly, with daily charging becoming commonplace amongst users.

The results of the poll didn’t surprise us too much, as one day of moderate use is usually the benchmark that we find acceptable when testing new mobile devices. When reviewing a handset, we’ll often download a number of apps, do some web browsing and stream music and YouTube videos several times a day to get a good impression of how well the phone’s battery stands up to regular use.

Under these tests, results do vary, but we found that a majority of devices roughly conform to this standard. Some perform far better, with Motorola’s RAZR Maxx being a notable example, and some fall a little short of the mark when really put under pressure.

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What surprised us about the response to the poll is that a number of people found their handset lasted less than half a day from a full charge. While it’s unclear which handsets people are using we imagine they must be under heavy use for the batteries to run out after such a short time.

But shouldn’t a smartphone be able to keep its charge for more than a few hours, even under the heaviest of use? After all, one of the main appeals of a smartphone is that it can be taken out and about with you and keep you connected to the digital world. If the handset is constantly demanding that you plug it in, it’s not really delivering what it has promised.

Conversely, some people responding to the poll said that their device lasted between one and two days, which is a remarkable time to get out of an average smartphone battery. We imagine that these results have come about by some quite conservative use of the devices’ functions but it is interesting to find out that, if very careful, you can stretch your handset’s battery life out this far. That’s something that could be very useful to know.

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So what will happen in the future and will battery life continue to decrease in the way that it has since feature phones fell out of such widespread use? One of the many advantages of the continued growth in the size of smartphones is that larger batteries can easily be included, an area where phablets like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 have a particular advantage.

Nevertheless, these larger devices with their big, bright displays are renown for draining power and need bigger batteries just to keep up with smaller devices. Hopefully new technology will be introduced to extend your smartphone’s battery life, but for now it looks like many of us are going to be plugging our handset in every evening.

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