BlackBerry A10 Aristo Leaks Again, May Come With BlackBerry 10.2 Installed


We heard a little about the BlackBerry A10, codename Aristo, earlier this week, and now it’s back in another rumour and with it comes a lot more information. The A10 is rumoured to be BlackBerry‘s first venture into the world of big-screen smartphones, where it’ll be doing battle with some very serious hardware, so what has it got in its arsenal?

As with the last report, the BlackBerry A10 looks to have a 5-inch display and like the Z10 and Q10, it’ll be an OLED panel. The resolution won’t be as high as some devices with 5-inch screens, and is said to match other BlackBerry 10 phones at 1280×720 pixels.

Inside could be a 1.7GHz, dual-core Snapdragon processor along with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage, plus it should have 4G LTE connectivity, NFC, Wi-Fi and all the other usual connectivity options. Again, like the Z10, the A10′s camera should have 8 megapixels, while a 2 megapixel camera may sit above the screen.

This all fits with what we heard last time, but one new piece of information is the A10 may come with BlackBerry 10.2. At the moment, BlackBerry 10.1 is the highest version we know about, and it comes installed on certain new BlackBerry phones, but we don’t know anything about 10.2.

Nothing is mentioned about the phone’s release, and the leaked document is dated late-May, so an official announcement can’t be that far away. An autumn date has been suggested, so an after summer event could be realistic. Are you looking forward to a big-screen BlackBerry 10 device?

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