Images of Upcoming BlackBerry Devices Emerge

BlackBerry Z15

Images of what are claimed to be two upcoming BlackBerry handsets have emerged, showing that the Canadian firm still has several tricks up its sleeve.

The first of the two handsets is named as the Z30, but reports state that this is likely to be the BlackBerry A10, of which several stories have already emerged. The handset features a full touchscreen, which is said to be 5-inches in size, and looks much like a larger version of the Z10.

Other rumoured specs for the handset suggest that it will have a dual-core, 1.7GHz chip and 2GB RAM, with a 720p display. The latest information comes from a leaked tutorial document, so the likelihood of it being correct is quite high.

What is more surprising is the second handset which has been pictured, features a sliding form factor, something that is so far not seen in the BlackBerry 10 range. There are far fewer details available for this handset, rumoured to be called the Z15, and there is even the possibility that this is merely a concept image created by a BlackBerry fan. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting possibility that could well please some of the Canadian firm’s faithful followers if it proves to be true.

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