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Chatter around the internet goes on constantly, with many smartphone users and tech fans regularly searching for more information on new topics and exciting innovations.

To keep you on top of what’s been hot of late, we’re taking a look at the search terms and trends that are doing the rounds online at the moment, updating our readers with what people are talking about.



Google’s revolutionary dongle is set to change the way you view television and video, allowing you to simply push content from a smartphone or laptop to the set in the corner of your living room. The ease with which Chromecast appears to work is a big part of its appeal and it is compatible with several smartphone apps, including Netflix. The gadget isn’t yet available in the UK, but we hope it turns up here soon.


Beats Audio Logo

Beats Audio has made the news again recently, with HTC selling its shares in the company back after purchasing them last year. The stylish headphones themselves seem to be popular regardless, and it doesn’t look like many consumers are bothered that the Taiwanese firm has surrendered its share of the firm. We wonder what will happen to the HTC/Beats Audio collaboration in the future, since it has featured heavily on the firm’s recent devices, including the flagship HTC One.

Nexus 4

Nexus 45

Despute being almost a year old, the Nexus 4 is still cropping up in online activity, further proving that it has been a big hit amongst consumers. Featuring an un-skinned version of Android Jelly Bean and being first in line to receive updates, the device has a big appeal amongst Android lovers. The Nexus ethos has clearly had an influence on smartphone manufacturers this year, as both Samsung and HTC unveiled stock Android versions of their flagship devices.

Xperia Z1

Sony’s recently unveiled flagship expands on what was seen on the Xperia Z, taking that handset’s water resistant frame and evolving it while adding a stunning 20.7 megapixel camera along the way. We had some brief, hands-on time with the Xperia Z1 a while ago, and you can take a look at how it performed in the video above.


Instagram Logo

One of the most successful apps ever, Instagram is still generating a huge amount of traffic online with people searching for and engaging with it. The story of the photo-sharing service has been one to inspire software developers across the world, now having in excess of 150 million users and having made a healthy profit with its $1bn dollar sale to Facebook. It looks like this user base is only going to continue, and we wonder if Instagram will expand from iOS and Android to other smartphone platforms in the future.

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