Microsoft Confirms Features for Windows Phone Update

Nokia Lumia 925 UI

Microsoft has confirmed the features which will be included in the next version of Windows Phone. Called simply, “Update 3″ at the moment, the company has written a blog post outlining what we can expect from the new software, which in addition to new features, will also add support for a few much needed technical advancements.

According to Microsoft, with Update 3, it wanted to help manufacturers make, “Incredible new Windows Phone devices,” and to help them do so, it has added support for 1080p resolutions, and expects a range of hardware with 5-inch and 6-inch displays to come soon. One of the first is likely to be Nokia’s Lumia 1520, which should be revealed on 22 October.¬†With 1080p support and larger screens comes more room for Live Tiles, so you’ll be able to fit six tiles across the screen if you use the smallest size.

Through Update 3, Windows Phone will now be able to run on quad-core processors, with the Snapdragon 800 specifically mentioned in Microsoft’s article.

On the software side, Update 3 will add a Driving Mode to limit notifications and silence calls while you’re in the car, improved accessibility features, custom ringtones, an orientation lock and the ability to close apps from the App Switcher.

Microsoft says Update 3 will be coming to selected phones in the coming weeks, depending on the network, but it hasn’t released a list of which phones will be compatible, although we’d assume all that run Windows Phone 8 will be getting it. Otherwise, we can expect Nokia to kick off a run on new Windows Phone hardware in the coming weeks.

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