Amazon May Have Teamed Up With HTC on its Smartphone Project

Amazon Phone

A new report published by Bloomberg says Amazon is now working with HTC on its smartphone project, but its sources can’t confirm if the devices will ever go on sale. According to anonymous individuals familiar with the firm’s plans, the pair have been working together since June on three different phones.

Should the phones be approved, they may only be available to Amazon customers who have signed up for Amazon Prime, which provides a next-day delivery service for an annual fee of £50. It also allows members to access streaming media, which would add value to a range of phones.

Recently, a rumour appeared that Amazon was busily working on a 3D interface destined for use on its smartphones. The clever part is, the 3D effect would rely on four cameras mounted on the front of the device, which would track head and eye movement.

In the same report, it was suggested Amazon was struggling to finish the project due to staffing issues. Bloomberg’s article doesn’t repeat this, but does say, “A final decision hasn’t been made on whether to proceed with a product or when it would be delivered.”

If Amazon has teamed up with HTC, then we could be in for a great looking phone, if the HTC One is anything to go by. Before HTC became a household name in mobile tech, it was best known for producing hardware for other companies, such as the T-Mobile and O2 networks, so this is an area in which it has experience.

Recently, Amazon announced a range of new Kindle Fire tablets, named the Kindle Fire HDX, but so far hasn’t confirmed them for launch in the UK.

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