Nokia Illusionist Could be an 8-Inch Windows Tablet

Nokia Illusionist

It’s been just over a week since Nokia introduced us to the Lumia 2520, its very first tablet to run Windows RT 8.1, but if the latest leak is correct, it’s not the only model up the Finnish manufacturer’s sleeve.

According to a tweet sent from the @evleaks Twitter account, the Nokia Illusionist is in the pipeline. However, unlike the Lumia 2520, it’s probably going to be smaller, with a display perhaps measuring 8-inches – more than 2-inches less than the 2520.

There’s no indication of its specifications, but we’re hoping for another 1080p resolution, and a quad-core processor. If this is the case, the Nokia Illusionist has a chance of encroaching on Android’s territory going up against reasonably priced, high-spec tablets, such as the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7.

Nokia’s certainly got its work cut out to make the Lumia 2520 and the Illusionist, should it be real, a success. This is mainly thanks to the possible use of Windows RT 8.1, because while it brings some improvements it’s not as functional as full Windows 8.1. And, with the emergence of hardware such as the Asus’ Transformer Book T100, with its relatively low £350 price tag, fewer people are likely to opt for Windows RT 8.1.

There’s no mention of if or when the Nokia Illusionist will be introduced, or even whether it’ll still wear the Nokia name once it does finally make its debut, but we’ll be sure to bring you all the latest updates as and when they happen.

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