Samsung’s Tizen Phone Still Coming Soon, But Not Until Next Year


Tizen, the mobile OS project jointly governed by Samsung and Intel, is still missing-in-action, despite prior promises a phone running the software would be on sale at the beginning of the year. Now, a Samsung executive talking about Tizen’s use on Smart TVs, has additionally confirmed when we’ll finally be seeing a Tizen phone.¬†Sadly, it’s not going to be until early next year.

Samsung is keen to get Tizen up and running, because it sees the OS as a viable alternative to Android. By introducing it, Samsung will no longer be so dependent on Google. Like Android, Tizen is open source and has other uses aside from on smartphones, such as the aforementioned Smart TVs. However, it will make its debut on a smartphone.

It’s one of several new mobile operating systems announced this year, but like Jolla’s Sailfish OS and Ubuntu Touch, Tizen now lags behind Mozilla’s Firefox OS. Firefox is already installed on several phones, including those from LG and ZTE, but the hardware is relatively basic and is aimed at the lower end of the market.

Samsung has indicated it’ll be using Tizen on all different types of device, including Galaxy S-like, top-of-the-range smartphones. However, until we actually see a Tizen phone, we won’t know how it stacks up against Samsung’s incredibly popular Android-powered Galaxy devices.

Although a release date isn’t discussed, Mobile World Congress in late February 2014 seems like the logical launch pad for Samsung’s first Tizen phone.

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