Nokia Rumoured to be Working on “3D Touch” Gesture Interface

Nokia Lumia 925 UI

Nokia may have recently sold-up to Microsoft, but that doesn’t mean it’s not coming up with interesting new tech to feature on its next generation Windows Phone hardware, which could end up carrying the Microsoft name. The latest rumour concerns a new type of user interface, and the information comes from both a leak through @evleaks on Twitter, and a report by tech site¬†The Verge.

According to the tweet, one of Nokia’s next flagship phones could be codenamed Goldfinger, and if The Verge‘s anonymous source is correct, it’ll come with a new type of user interface called 3D Touch. Instead of touching the screen, 3D Touch will let users make gestures with their hands over the display, which will then control their phones.

Samsung does something similar with the Galaxy S4. Its Air Gestures answer calls, scroll through webpages, and control the music app, all with a wave of the hand. As to how many Galaxy S4 owners use the feature is another thing, but if it’s built into the system, and works with a large portion of the OS, then it has a chance of becoming more regularly used.

Given Nokia’s devices division is now owned by Microsoft, it won’t be a surprise if 3D Touch becomes a part of Windows Phone 8.1, the next version of the operating system expected to appear next year. The Verge‘s report says we could see something about Windows Phone 8.1 and perhaps with it, 3D Touch, during Mobile World Congress next year.

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