Watch Out, the Super Fast 2.5GHz Snapdragon 805 Processor is Coming in 2014


The processor which could be driving many of next year’s most exciting smartphones has been unveiled. The Snapdragon 805 is Qualcomm’s sequel to the popular Snapdragon 800, the quad-core chip found powering everything from the Nexus 5 to the Galaxy Note 3. Qualcomm has soundly beaten its main competitor, Nvidia, during 2013, as the Tegra 4 has failed to find its way into many mainstream smartphones. Qualcomm is obviously keen to maintain this advantage, hence the announcement of the Snapdragon 805.

It’s not just a simple makeover either, as the Snapdragon 805 has some serious new features, and plenty of extra power. The biggest difference may come with the graphics, as the existing Adreno 330 GPU – no slouch on its own – will be replaced by the Adreno 420 GPU, which Qualcomm says can offer 40 percent more graphical processing power than the 330.

The four Krait 450 cores have been refined, and thanks to a new manufacturing process, can run even faster than before. The 2.3GHz speed of the quad-core Snapdragon 800 has been left behind, as the 805 can be pushed to produce 2.5GHz, plus the memory speed has been increased for even faster OS performance.

On the hardware front, the Snapdragon 805 will support higher than 1080p resolutions, potentially up to 4K, but initially the Ultra HD resolution screens demonstrated by firms such as LG. The new modem will also connect to the LTE-Advanced networks which are springing up internationally, making the Snapdragon 805 capable of running the absolute best smartphones expected to be released in the near future.

According to Qualcomm, the chip is being tested at the moment, but we should start to see it in the next generation smartphones by the middle of 2014.

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