Top Ten Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week


Enjoy our round-up of ten mobile phone related news stories you may have missed including the new Lumia 525, a dual-SIM HTC One, and Visa’s new payment system.

1. Galaxy S5 to Get Conference Call Feature

A patent has been discovered which could hint at a conference call feature being installed on the Galaxy S5. The screenshot shows an app which could use both front and rear cameras during a call, or to switch lenses at anytime, plus the option of multiple callers being included at one time. It’s not clear whether this will be a standalone app, or if it’ll be part of Samsung’s ChatON messaging app.

2. Galaxy S4 Mini Now Comes in More Colours

Samsung has added three new colours to its Galaxy S4 Mini range. They’re pretty bright too, as you can select a pink, purple or orange S4 Mini, which join the existing black and white models. Samsung is following in Nokia’s footsteps, as it makes the low-end Lumia phones more attractive by adding more colours.

3. Nokia Updates the Lumia 520

Nokia has very slightly updated the cheap Lumia 520 smartphone. The new model is named the Lumia 525, and there are only two alterations to the spec. The first is an increase in the RAM to 1GB from 512MB, and the second is the installation of the latest Nokia Black software, which brings Glance and several new and updated camera apps. Check out the launch video below.

4. HTC Launches Dual-SIM HTC One

While dual-SIM phones aren’t popular in the UK, it’s good to see a high-end model go on sale. The phone is the HTC One, and a dual-SIM version has been put up for pre-order on HTC’s own website, and in addition to taking two SIM cards, it’ll also now accept a 64GB microSD card. All these extra slots are hidden behind a removable rear panel.

5. BlackBerry’s BBM to be Pre-installed on Some Smartphones

BlackBerry’s new BBM app will come pre-installed on selected Android smartphones from next month. We’re unlikely to see many in the UK, as BlackBerry has signed deals with hardware manufacturers popular in Africa, India, South America, Indonesia and the Middle East. All these are strong markets for BlackBerry, and the deals are crucial to it maintaining market share.

6. Geeksphone Teases Revolution Smartphone

The team behind the Keon and Peak Firefox OS phones has started teasing its next hardware release. Called, we think, the Revolution, the rumour is it’ll be an Android device with the option to add Mozilla’s Firefox OS on at anytime. Apparently, the firm says it’ll surprise everyone with its high performance and competitive price.

7. Visa’s V.Me Payments Go Live

Visa has sent its new mobile payment system live. Named, it’s a secure way of paying for goods online, and works not only through a web browser, but on your smartphone or tablet too. Credit and debit cards are stored in’s locker, and using it means never having to reveal your card details to online retailers again. At the moment, there are 1400 retailers supporting, and 4000 are expected by early next year. You can see a short video on how it works below.

8. Hill Climb Racing Comes to Windows Phone

One of our absolute favourite free games for iOS and Android, Hill Climb Racing, has been released for Windows Phone. The game is a 2D side-scrolling racer, where the object is to get as far as possible over difficult terrain without running out of fuel. There are plenty of upgrades available, and various new vehicles to buy. It’s an addictive little game, and perfect to while away your free time.

9. Careful With Your New Gadget This Christmas

According to a report by SquareTrade, two million people will accidentally break their brand new gadget after Christmas this year, resulting in a total of £700 million in extra expenses. The company’s tests showed the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 to be most resilient to breaking, so it’s worth considering as a present if you’re buying for someone a little clumsy.

10. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Coming to Mobile

Following the success of Grand Theft Auto III and GTA: Vice City on iOS and Android, Rockstar has announced Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will be coming to mobile phones and tablets in December. The game has been treated to a visual overhaul, and will come with several new control options, plus a revised mission structure to make it easier to reach checkpoints. An exact date hasn’t been confirmed, but it’ll be out on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

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