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Following the controversial closure of Google Reader, many apps have picked up the baton, bringing you news and articles from all around the internet and presenting them in a way that’s easy to read.

One of our favourites is Flipboard, an app that’s been around some time. Along with pulling through things from your favourite websites and blogs, the app also allows users to create their own magazines and fill them with articles from around the web, bringing articles on one subject together. Brilliantly, these magazines can also be viewed online, and they look great either on a big or small screen.

Here we take a look at some of the best user-made magazines to follow on Flipboard.

Breaking Bad

Flipboard Breaking Bad

One of our favourite shows may be gone for good, but that doesn’t mean we have to give up talking and reading about it, before we get round to re-watching the whole thing on Netflix. This magazine curates articles about Walter White’s exploits from a variety of sources, including photos, video clips and things that fans have spotted in the series.


Flipboard Street Art

If you like Banksy, this Flipboard magazine is for you. A showcase of images from around the world, it demonstrates the creativity of graffiti artists along with some information about exhibitions and links to online galleries. This magazine is filled with stunning photos of some truly unique artwork.

Printing in the Past

Flipboard Printing

This is an interesting use of the Flipboard user-magazine format, by one of the app’s own staff. While its subject matter, the restoration of an old printing press, may be of interest to only the most niche groups, the way in which the story of the project is told through some beautiful photographs and animations makes it well worth having a flick through.

Sunday Reads

Flipboard Sunday

One for when you’ve got time to curl up and have a good read, this magazine’s title couldn’t be more appropriate. Drawn from the pages of current affairs magazines and newspapers like the LA Times, the magazine is made up of long-form articles about a huge variety of subjects, broad enough to make sure there’s something in there for most people.

Urban Ruins

Flipboard Urban

Urban Ruins taps into the recent trend that sees photographers capturing images of urban decay and dereliction. Not the happiest of subjects by any means, but what you’ll get are some outstanding photos of the kind of scenery that can be found littered around many modern cities. Most of the individual photos link to larger collections as well, so there’s plenty to pore over.

Meme Mania

Flipboard Meme

Some fun stuff to finish off with, Meme Mania is a simple and straightforward collection picked from the endless amount of funny and daft stuff that you can find online. A good place to head to for a quick and easy laugh.

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