Jolla’s Sailfish OS Could be Coming to Android Phones

Jolla Phone 2

The company built by at least a few ex-Nokia staff members, who also used the MeeGo software abandoned by the company, released its first smartphone last week. The Jolla phone runs Sailfish OS, a new gesture-based operating system, and is installed on a phone which has considerable potential for the future, thanks to removable “smart” rear covers.

However, the Jolla phone isn’t widely available yet, and is only being sold to those who pre-ordered the device during a promotion earlier this year. The situation will change in the near future, once these orders have been filled, but Jolla has another plan to get Sailfish OS onto more phones, and not just its own hardware.

In an interview with Finnish website Talouselama, Jolla’s CEO Tomi Pienimaki said it’s working towards making Sailfish OS available to Android device owners as an installable ROM. He’s quoted as saying, “It’s fairly easy to install the OS on Android devices,” and notes that in China, many Android owners are used to downloading third-party operating systems and installing them.

It’s popular among the more geeky owners in the UK too, as “flashing” a different version of Android – often to remove manufacturer’s interfaces – is surprisingly common. If the process of installing Sailfish OS is equally as accessible, it could be a great way for Jolla to get some exposure for its new software. Additionally, Sailfish is compatible with Android apps, so there could be considerable crossover.

While Jolla has discussed this as a potential for the future, there’s no timeframe suggested, or if the software would be available in the UK.

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