How to Transfer Photos from Your Phone to Your Computer

Photo Computer Lead

Smartphones now come with powerful photographic capabilities that can rival the best compact cameras on the market. Many people use them to capture the most important moments that happen in their lives, or even just to take shots that make the most mundane things interesting.

There is no shortage of apps that allow you to share these images online, uploading them to social networks. However, many people may want to transfer their photos to a computer as well, for a variety of reasons.

You might want to print out a favourite picture, or simply clear your smartphone’s internal storage so that you can take more photos. Whichever it is, there are several easy ways of doing this.


Photo Computer Email

This is a great way of moving your photos to your computer if you just want to move one image. With most smartphones you can simply tap the picture on your handset and select the share options, then email, before sending the picture to your own email account.

After doing this, start up your computer and open your emails, then download the photo from the message that you’ve just sent to yourself.

Connect to a computer

Photos Computer Connect to PC

The great majority of smartphones can be connected to a computer via a USB lead, allowing you to transfer photos, music and videos to the handset. This is often done through a piece of desktop management software, such as HTC Sync or Samsung Kies, which can easily be downloaded and installed.

Along with this, many smartphones are compatible with the Windows Scanner and Camera Wizard which automatically opens on a PC when you connect an external device such as a phone. This will allow you to see thumbnail previews of the images on your handset and easily import them to your computer.

Cloud storage

Photo Computer Google Drive

Lastly, you could use a cloud storage service to transfer pictures from your handset. Many big names in this area, such as Dropbox and Google Drive, have smartphone apps which make it easy to upload images to your account.

The photos can then be downloaded from the same account through your computer’s browser, or they will automatically download to the cloud storage service’s desktop software if you’ve installed it. This is a great method if you have lots of photos to move and may want them to be available on several different computers at the same time. Once in the cloud, they can be accessed by you wherever you are.

Now that you know how to clear some space on your handset so that you can take more photos, take a look at our advice on getting the most from your smartphone’s camera.

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