The Normandy Could Be Nokia’s Very First Android Phone

Nokia Handset

Nokia is now best known for its Windows Phone devices. However, although it has never released a phone running Android, there have been rumours it had examples in its labs. Now, according to a report by tech site The Verge, one of these phones may be close to release.

That’s right, we could be close to seeing a phone running Google’s OS produced by Nokia, although it may not be quite what we expect. Codenamed the Normandy, the phone is believed to be an Asha replacement. It was leaked at the end of November, and it certainly has the same style as Nokia’s Series 40 phones.

Nokia may decide to replace Series 40 with a heavily reworked version of Android, which may have more in common with the Amazon Kindle Fire tablets than the version on the Nexus 5, and provide limited access to apps supplied by Microsoft. These could include Bing, Skype, and the new Socl social network. Other apps could be available, but probably not through Google Play.

Of course, there is one problem with all this talk of a Nokia Android phone. The company’s being purchased by Microsoft, and they’re unlikely to be keen on releasing a phone running Google’s OS. Once the sale goes through – it has already been agreed by Nokia’s shareholders – Nokia won’t be able to produce phones for a set period of time.

If a compromise can be reached, or Nokia just gets the phone on sale before Microsoft takes over, we could see it early in 2014. Will it really happen?

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