The Most Popular People on Google+

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Google’s social network can be a strange thing, widely known but never quite breaking through to the kind of success that Facebook and Twitter have seen. Nevertheless, Google+ is often listed as the fourth most popular social network in the world, with only LinkedIn keeping out of the top three.

While often thought of as a hub for tech news and the kind of things that fascinate geeks, Google can count many famous users amongst its roster. This list includes musicians, sports people and celebrities, and we’re taking a look at the most popular of them all.

Britney Spears

Google+ Britney

One of the world’s most famous pop stars, Britney Spears seems to use Google+ to promote her extensive range of merchandising products. This includes a perfume endorsement and several t-shirts bearing Spear’s likeness.

Also littered across her Google+ page are a number of photos of fans pictured holding her CDs, presumably submitted by the public.

Recent posts include links to Britney’s Instagram account and glitzy PR shots of Spears herself.

Lady Gaga

Google+ Gaga

Another global pop star sits right up near the top of Google+’s rankings, with Lady Gaga using the service for heavy promotion of her latest album.

Also featured on her page are images from her Instagram account, an idea thats seems to be quite popular amongst the service’s most-followed users and is at odds with the photo-sharing element of Google+ that its makers have being trying to push for some time.

Recent posts include a live, piano version of one of Lady Gaga’s songs and photos of her from several celebrity events.

Larry Page

Google+ Larry Page

More in keeping with the tech news for which many people turn to Google+, the search giant’s co-founder is amongst the most popular users of his firm’s social network. Somewhat inevitably, Page’s posts centre around Google’s  products and services, including Chromecast, Android and the Motorola Moto X.

We imagine that Page’s use of the service must be an excellent promotional tool for the company, with tech fans able to actively engage with the firm’s CEO by commenting on his posts.

Recent posts include a list of the Google man’s favourite gadgets of 2013.

David Beckham

Google+ Beckham

The world famous former footballer makes good use of Google+ to promote himself and the things he’s occupying his time with since quitting the game earlier this year.

Beckham’s page consists mainly of photos of him at celebrity events, often with his wife and children in tow. There are also numerous images of him meeting fans, who all seem quite pleased about it.

Recent posts include a trailer for the Class of ‘92 documentary amount Manchester United’s young stars of the early nineties.

Snoop Dogg

Google+ Snoop

It surprised us a little to see Snoop Dog’s name so far up on the Google+ popularity list, but it looks like the rapper has quite a following on the social network.

Snoop’s activity seems to focus on promoting DJing events that he’s performing at, along with promoting his records.

Recent posts include a link to the iTunes page for his latest album 7 Days of Funk

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