Samsung Rumoured to Launch Smartphone with 1440p Screen in Early 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4 Front Top

A rumour has indicated a new, top-of-the-range Samsung smartphone will be released in early 2014, and perhaps most excitingly of all, it may have a 1440p resolution screen. Hold on, you’re thinking, we’ve only just got used to 1080p screens, and they’re pretty good! Can it really get any better?

Samsung has already said it’s planning to introduce even higher resolution screens in the coming year, and this isn’t the first rumour of its type either. So what will 1440p bring? The 1080p screens we’re used to today have 1920×1080 pixels, but a 1440p screen will have 2560×1440 pixels, which results in four times the amount of pixels seen on a 720p screen.

Depending on the size, the pixel density of a 1440p screen is going to be equally impressive. The rumoured Vivo XPlay 3S – expected to be one of the first 1440p smartphones to be announced – may have a 5.7-inch screen, resulting in a massive 515ppi density, considerably more than the 468ppi seen on the HTC One.

It’s not clear whether Samsung’s phone will be the Galaxy S5, the Galaxy F, or a phone about which we’ve heard nothing yet. If the rumour report, published by tech site¬†ZDNet Korea, is correct, the screen won’t be the only impressive feature either. Apparently, Samsung will introduce a new security feature based on retina scanning. This feature has previously been linked with the Galaxy S5.

Quoting anonymous sources inside Samsung, ZDNet says the mystery phone will launch at Mobile World Congress next year. Held in Barcelona, MWC 2014 will take place at the end of February, so if all this is correct, we’ll be seeing official confirmation in around three months time.

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