Samsung Launches Galaxy Gear Ad Campaign

Samsung Galaxy Gear Bottom

We like the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, even if it does maybe try to do too much, and might not be the most stylish product on the market. But, we’re under no illusion that it – or any piece of mobile tech, for that matter – will make us more attractive to the opposite sex.

However, in Samsung’s latest promo video for the smartwatch, it does its best to persuade those out on the pull that the Gear is the perfect wingman. The video shows three attractive people out skiing – two men and a woman – and one of the guys is the proud owner of a Gear.

We get little scenes of the Gear in action, including it shooting a video of some snowboarding, locating a lost phone, and wirelessly controlling some music; all of which is suitably impressive to the lucky lady. The Gear-less guy, on the other hand, doesn’t get a look in.

It’s all a bit of fun, and the ad does show the Gear’s abilities rather well. Samsung clearly wants to promote the Gear as a lifestyle accessory, and not an only-for-geeks toy. Take a look at the video below.

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