Clouds of Vodka Used to Send Text Messages


Nevermind WhatsApp, BBM or your regular, run-of-the-mill text messages, the future could see us spraying vodka around in order to communicate with each other.

That may sound more like the sort of thing that takes place late at night in a Students Union venue, but it’s actually a method of sending data that has been developed by a team of Canadian scientists.

The system uses a spray bottle to blast very specific concentrations of alcohol across a short distance, with sensors at the other end being able to to decode a message from this. The only message that has so far been sent read “O CANADA”, but its possible that the method could be used to send more complex information over a greater distance in the future.

While the uses for this idea may not be initially clear, its developers have suggested that the system could be used in the aftermath of natural disasters, replacing damaged wireless networks.

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