Inventor Creates Smartphone-Powered Paper Plane

Smartphone Plane

Is there anything which can’t be powered by a smartphone? In a world where you can remotely switch on your heating and even boil a kettle, it seems that the wide-ranging connectivity of mobile handsets can be turned to almost any task.

PowerUp is one of the more novel creations we’ve seen, allowing a smartphone to power and control a paper aeroplane. The simple device consists of a small rotor blade and a tiny electronic box that attaches to a paper plane, increasing the distance it will fly and allowing you to take it through many twists and turns.

The crowd-funded Kickstarter project is a strange creation, one which claims to be “fusing origami with cutting-edge technology”. The fact that all the device consists of is a spindly plastic gadget that attaches to any regular paper plane should also keep its cost down.

There aren’t any specific details as to when the gadget will be available, but it will be very interesting to see how well this takes off.

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