Has Microsoft Convinced Sony to Make a Windows Phone Device?

Sony Logo

A new rumour suggests Microsoft has been romancing Sony, and may have convinced it to build a smartphone running Windows Phone, thus breaking the Japanese manufacturer’s long running commitment to Android. The source of the news says the deal isn’t in place yet, but if it all goes to plan, Sony’s Windows Phone could be out before the middle of 2014.

Apparently, Microsoft has sweetened the Windows Phone deal for Sony by lowering the licensing fees. Microsoft isn’t only targeting Sony either, as it also wants to welcome ZTE back into the fold. While any ZTE Windows Phones will probably be low-cost devices, Sony has made a name for itself with cool, high-end smartphones such as the Xperia Z1.

Sony’s impressive hardware and designs make the prospect of a Windows Phone from the company rather exciting. Only the now Microsoft-owned Nokia has been making truly desirable Windows Phone hardware during the past year, and despite a valiant challenge from the HTC 8X, it could do with some competition.

Having recently committed to concentrating on the Japanese and European markets, if Sony does go ahead and launch a smartphone running Microsoft’s OS, there’s a good chance we’ll see it go on sale in the UK. Sadly, the rumour doesn’t indicate how much progress – if any – Sony has made on a prototype, so even if the phone is coming during the summer next year, we may not see it announced at CES or MWC 2014. It would be great if Sony does have a surprise for us at one of these major events though.

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