Samsung Confirms Galaxy S5 Will Be Here by April


Rumours have been circulating the internet for a while concerning Samsung’s new flagship and when it will hit the shelves. Thankfully, a vice president from the company has eventually established that the Galaxy S5 will be with us by April. With this confirmation however, the world is wondering what Samsung will do to compete with other leading mobile brands.

2013 was a big year for inbuilt biometrics, as we saw fingerprint scanners appear on handsets from HTC, Apple and LG, but is there a market for further developments? Will we see the likes of iris scanners on upcoming models? And, if so, how functional will they be?

When questioned on the new handset Lee Young Hee, executive vice president of mobile business at Samsung, said: “When we moved to S4 from S3, it’s partly true that consumers couldn’t really feel much difference between the two products from the physical perspective, so the market reaction wasn’t as big. For the S5, we will go back to the basics. Mostly, it’s about the display and the feel of the cover.”

Just like the Galaxy S4, Samsung plans to announce the new handset in March, leading to an official release in April. This probably means that Samsung’s presence at Barcelona’s Mobile World Conference 2014 next month won’t yield any new toys.

Hee later revealed that the South Korean firm is working on a second generation wearable device, most likely something to replace the Galaxy Gear. We hope to see a new model carrying a little less weight, and to host some kind of health-reading functionality.

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