Samsung’s Galaxy S5 Now Rumoured for March Launch

Samsung Galaxy S4 Marketing

The Galaxy S5 is sure to be one of 2014′s biggest smartphone launches, and while we know it’s coming, we don’t know exactly when. Previous rumours have indicated it would arrive during Mobile World Congress at the end of February, but this would be a break from tradition by Samsung.

A new rumour suggests it’s going to stick with an annual refresh by announcing the Galaxy S5 in March. However, before we get too excited, the source of the news is a Twitter account run by a self-described technology insider from Italy, so it’s far from being official. He says a, “reliable source” said Samsung would be holding a global launch event in London at that time, which fits with when we’re expecting the Galaxy S5 to make its debut.

Samsung hasn’t made much of a splash at MWC for a few years, in terms of launching high-end, flagship phones anyway, presumably because it doesn’t want to share the headlines with anyone else. As we’ve seen before, Samsung loves to make a big deal when it launches a new Galaxy S phone, and that’s not always possible at Mobile World Congress.

A March date would fit with the annual refresh cycle we’re used to, as the Galaxy S4 was announced in March 2013 in New York. The Galaxy S3, which came in 2012, was revealed in London.

So, although the tweet can’t be officially verified, it’s not completely off the mark. We’re still several weeks away from MWC, so there’s plenty of time for more S5 leaks, and once all the news has come from Barcelona, we’ll have a better idea how this leak is going to pan out.

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