Samsung Could be Working on a Full HD Windows Phone Device

Nokia was the first company to release a Windows Phone device with a Full HD screen resolution when it debuted the Lumia 1520 in October last year. Since then it hasn’t seen any challengers, but that could change if rumours regarding a future Samsung phone come true.

A Bluetooth certification listing has given us a hint of the new Samsung device, and the brief feature list shows that all important 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. The screen size is uncertain, as it’s marked down as “-5,” which could mean it’ll measure 5-inches. That would make it more compact than the massive 6-inch Lumia 1520, and perhaps more desirable as a result.

The model number attached is SM-W750V. This also appeared at the end of last year on a shipping document, after the phone was sent to India for “R & D purposes.” Again, it listed the screen size as 5-inches. In the past, Samsung has sold its Windows Phone hardware under the Ativ brand name. However, it hasn’t bothered selling one in the UK since the Ativ S way back in 2012.

If the W750V does have a 1080p screen resolution, then the phone must be running the latest version of Windows Phone, and therefore will also support a quad-core processor.

Microsoft is keen for manufacturers to challenge Nokia, as more hardware on sale means more interest from consumers, and more interest from developers. Mobile World Congress is a little over a month away, and the Barcelona event would be the ideal spot for Samsung to launch a new Windows Phone device.

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