New Rumour Says the LG G3 Will Launch on 17 May

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A rumour published by a Korean news source says we should look out for the LG G3 smartphone before the summer this year, and that when it does arrive, it’ll have a 1440p resolution screen. According to the report, LG has already noted the launch date down in its diary, and if it’s right, we should keep 17 May clear in ours.

Over the coming year, 1440p resolution screens will become more common on range-topping hardware. Currently, 1080p screens with a 1920×1080 pixel resolution are fixed to the majority of flagship phones – the Galaxy S4, HTC One, and the LG G2 for example – but 1440p ups that pixel count to 2560×1440.

This will provide even sharper images, a higher pixel density, and the ability to run apps alongside each other even on small displays. Both Samsung and LG have confirmed they’re working on these so-called Quad HD screens, and that 2014 would be the first year they’d go on sale. Going back to the G3, LG could increase the screen size to 5.5-inches, up from 5.2-inches on the G2.

The timing of the G3’s release could be crucial. The phone’s primary rival is probably going to be the Samsung Galaxy S5, which we’re expecting around March. Samsung is also expected to add a 1440p screen to its newest Galaxy flagship.

Interestingly, if the rumour pans out, the G3 may not be the first 1440p phone released by LG, as at Mobile World Congress, the G Pro 2 could be launched with a 5.9-inch Quad HD display. It all sounds very exciting, and with MWC opening its doors at the end of February, we don’t have long to go until we find out if it’s all true.

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