Google Could Soon Be Driving You to the Shops

Google Car

Google has been awarded a patent for a new innovation which could see the firm giving free rides to shoppers in the future.

The idea is that Google will be able to arrange transport to a retail location for anyone who is interested in a specific product. The costs will likely be covered by the retailer, who will have directed adverts for its products towards particular consumers using Google’s advertising services.

No doubt Google will tie-in its existing services with the plan, which suggests that it could form a part of a very advanced version of Google Now, pinpointing a person’s location, targeting them with adverts and arranging transport for them.

This could also be the ultimate aim of the search giant’s self-driving car project, which uses the firm’s mapping service to automate its vehicles. In the future we may find ourselves tempted by adverts tailored especially for us, then being picked up by a Google car for a ride to the shops.

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