Sony Ericsson X1 Xperia Smartphone available soon to UK Public!


The Sony Ericsson X1 Xperia was originally announced back in February this year and we have been waiting impatiently for its public release. Thankfully the wait is soon to be over as the X1 Xperia is to go on sale to the UK public in less than a month from now, however the estimated price of this beauty has yet to be released. The latest touchscreen smartphone from these phone giants is set to stun users with innovative design features, quality good looks and a unique user interface. In fact Sony Ericsson is so confident in the success of their new flagship shartphone that they have created a microsite specifically for the X1.

In case you didn’t read out first article on the X1, the key features include:

  • 3″ TFT Touchscreen
  • Arc Sliding Qwerty Keyboard
  • 3.15 Megapixel Camera
  • A-GPS
  • Handwriting Recognition
  • Windows Mobile OS with Office Mobile and Outlook mobile
  • 3G and Video calling capability
  • Wifi Connectivity

Sony Ericsson has chosen to follow the same direction as Blackberry with their smartphones in that the X1 is not simply a great business handset but its also a pleasure to use and enjoy as a recreational device. With a dedicated video chip and the capability to record video at 30fps (frames per second) you can capture video at near DVD quality. HSUPA and WiFi connectivity capabilites allow for speedy downloads as well as uploads of you images or video to your favourite social networking site. The customisable 9 panel interface allows for seemless navigation between multiple applications which are running concurrently.

The X1 promises to make waves in the world of smartphones and we are hoping that the bold design and attention to detail will make the X1 a killer success. Look out for great offers on the X1 in the next couple of weeks.

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18 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson X1 Xperia Smartphone available soon to UK Public!

  1. I have been the lucky or unlucky owner of every Sony E smart phone over the last 5 years starting with the blue one.
    Everyone has promised to correct the problems of the last one so I eagerly awaited the all singing all dancing X1. I know these phones take some getting used to, but this one is the mother of all mess ups. 1) the battery life if you actually use the phone features is about 2 hours.2) The blue tooth turns off when ever it feels like it so its useless in my vehicle. 3) receiving and sending email is incredibly difficult to the point where I have already given up. 4) The camera being unprotected has already suffered a broken lense.
    5) If you really want one get it for a week and play with it first because now I am tied in to a two year contracts with a phone that I think was released to early. Mine will end up on ebay and I will try a Blackberry or even a Strawberry.

  2. Waited months for this phone… eventually got hold of one and was very happy the way it looked and felt in the flesh… 1st problem I had was the back kept popping off. 2nd problem was that the phone would go in to hibernation whildt I was on a call and then unable to end the call. 3rd problem was that when you are on a call, there is a facility to end the call on the touch screen, if the touch screen touches your face it then ends the call. 4 th problem I had was that the back light would come on intermitantly whilst not in use . 5th problem was that the battery would not last more than 12 hours.. Even simple things like to forward a message (or so you would have thought should be simple)on was just not straight forward at all . After all the waiting Ericsson still have not ironed all the problems out… I took my phone back to the shop for a refund. Can not tell you how disapointed i was after all the waiting .

  3. Yes, the phone may be out on Sony’s side, but if they did not work out the contracts with sellers yet, they should have held it. Frankly, the poor marketing and availability of the Xperia x1 has me highly agitated.

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