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Prada phone

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LG KE850.jpg

The basic handset is the LG KE850, which we know is coming out soon, but it won’t be branded LG. It will have a Prada design and packaging and will have a unique Prada user interface.

Rumours have been circulating recently that the KE850 is actually a working version of Apple’s imminent iPhone, but we can categorically say that this is not the case! We know that the iPhone is going to come in 4GB and 8GB versions, but the KE850 has only a nominal onboard memory.

The phone is unique in the fact that it does not have a keypad, sporting instead a touch screen display, but unlike the touch display on the LG Chocolate, which was just a couple of fixed buttons that lit up, the Prada display will change according to the application on the screen.

It has a classic minimalist design, featuring an utterly stylish white on black user interface and will come in a swanky Prada designed leather case.

Prices have yet to be confirmed, but it will be a lot cheaper than might be expected of a Prada branded product, not like we know it will be at the top end of the market, somewhere around the Nokia N80 or the Sony Ericsson W950i (available on 02), but crucially a lot cheaper than the D&G Motorola or the even the original Nokia 8800 mobile.

It will be with us in late March or early April and will be released in five European countries.

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338 thoughts on “World’s first photos of LG Prada Phone! – Now in Stock! Buy Online.

  1. Unique because it does not have a keypad but unlike the touch display on the LG Chocolate, which was just a couple of fixed buttons that lit up. Could not have written this better.

  2. Thankyou for such a great article, I discovered your blog while surfing the internet for rather simmilar. Yet I dont see eye to eye with all that you have written but then it is your blog and down to you what appears. On the whole I have found your article thought provoking and well presented.I will send your post details to a few of my friends as i am certain they will not only want to read this article but keep an eye on your blog as you look to have your finger on the pulse and can clarify things in a understandable and appealing method.Well a sufficient amount of the rubbish good luck and keep writing.

  3. well, i got lg prada and was actually quite happy with it until i wanted to listen to my voicemail messages, and i heard “to listen to your messages-press 1″.. i tried nearly everything.. is there a way to do it with this phone?.. otherwise i`m going to get rid of it..X

  4. My Auntie has this phone and she can’t get on with it so shes given it to me but I don’t really use it because I’ve got the NOKIA 7373 and I love it!

  5. Went to get the prada today but seems not to be stocked in the carphonewerhouse n e more the only place in which i cn get one is phones4u n they wont be getting n e new stock:(
    whats happining?
    are they taking it off the shelves?
    hopefully gettin it fri xxx

  6. I love the phone but the only negative thing about the phone it’s battery the life is too shor. and can you let me know where I can get a batter for this phone
    mobel LGIP -A750 lithum-ION BATTERY: 3.7V 800Mah urgently.


  7. i luuurrvvvveee my prada phine!!
    i got it last year and im now the envy of all my friends!!! £200, i got mine for £389.99!!
    but i dnt mind…its amaziinnggg
    ive had it for 10 months now and its till in pristeen condition.


  9. look i have this really cool fone u know da sony eric k900 but i really want this prada but i think this fone is way 2 much money and i am only 11.but i need a new fone somone….

  10. Hey, I am only 11 years old and I am going to geta prada tommorow :) I can’t wait. My mum or dad don’t know because my grandma is going to buy it for me, and this is my question were can i buy it in Cyprus and would you know the price round about ?

  11. i have had my LG prada since christmas , 2 months ago the screen kept freezing, 2 weeks ago i returned it to phone 4 u as i could not turn it on. it was sent for repair and i am now being told it will not be replaced or refunded as they cannot repair it and i have to pay to get the phone back. i have read other reviews with exactly the same problem and it seems to be the softwear, PHONES 4 U ARE REFUSING TO DO ANYTHING , 2 months use and its not working, disgraceful , beware !

  12. Hi I love my prada!!!! but could someone please advise why the date keeps going back??????? That annoying because when I set appointment, I miss it. I have to keep checking everyday to make sure its saying the right date in order to get my reminders.

    Help!!! thanks

  13. oh one other thing that really confused me was the memory card!!! i tried for ages to bluetooth over a song from my old phone but all i got was a message saying “memory full” no matter what i tried i couldnt get it to work and presumed the new 1g card i bought was a dud, it frustrated me so much that i was going to flog the phone on ebay and buy something else, and there was nothing at all in the manual about it, but i have figured out that the internal memory must be pretty low and what i am doing now is once have blutoothed a song go to settings-multimedia-my stuff-sounds-mp3-click on the song, then file and move to external memory. after ive done that the songs are then in the mp3 player under all songs.
    Dont know if this is the proper way to do it or not, if there is a easier way then please let me know!!!!!!

  14. got this phone the other day, it really is stylish and ive had loads of people saying “wow” the phone is great- but there are a few things that are bugging me…………….the touchscreen is very sensitive and awkward to use if you are calling and need to use the “keypad” at the same time for example if you are calling a company and need to push a number to get through to a certain department, you need to push a button on the side of the phone to access the numbers on the screen.
    Im finding txting quite slow as again the screen is sensitive and its easy to hit the wrong “pad” on the screen. So its best to have small fingers! Also there are only a few default txt alert tones so you cant put in one of your own which is a pity but not the end of the world.
    I go the phone 2 days ago and after fully charging and only really putting in my contacts and adding a few songs to the mp3 player the battery needing charging again today.
    I would not reccomend using the leather case that comes with the phone as its a hard leather and quite a tight fit and i rekkon will damage the phone if used. I would buy a few of the scratch protectors instead to cover the screen.
    Apart from that the phone is excellent and quite good value for money, i got a orange contract and got this phone for free on dolphin 25, with 75 anytime mins and 150 txt which is ample for me for just £20 a month, it should be £25 but if you buy online thro orange you get £5 off a month

  15. Hey i got this phone and its really ace i have big fingrs and i fnd i ok to txt with i am a wee bitty slower cause im not used to completely touch as i only had the samsun e900 and it had a little touch but not much. I go my prad phone on contract for £15.00 a month on

    really i lov thi phone and woul marry it …. i tend to use the nintendo pn as i have bi fnges bu thts all i have to say … i would marr it and its brill

    love i so much

    love nicola x

  16. well im in the bahamas and i love the LG prada. all i no is that i want the phone but i do care wat the cost is am lookin forward to only spending about $200 to $250 dollars in the the phone states i hope i could find one at that price. do you tat i could find the LG prada it that price in the states?

  17. Hey, I hav dis fone nd im vv yung most peple say im vv privldgd nd i agree its a very expensive fone nd it lks stylish has evating it should so i dnt care bout the i phone as long as dis 1 wrks!!!! ps its really cool eva1 jelus of me

  18. OMG! I really want this phone and i don’t really care how much it cost i just know i want it!
    I just don’t know where to but it since i live in San Diego! Does anyone know where i can get it?

  19. i just got a voicemail, and when it said press 1 to listen to your voicemail, i did and nothing happened! do you have to press 1 and something else or how does the keypad for this work?

  20. i wanted to check my voicemail and when it said press 1 to listen to your message, i pressed 1 and nothing happened! how are you suppose to use your keypad for this? do you press 1 and then something else, or what, cos i tried everything!

  21. Kindly let me know where can I get the board of LG Prada as the same is damaged, would like to replace it or kindly guide me to a dealer or distributer in Mumbai, India

  22. well to answer most of you guys questions, the phone has about 74 mp only on it’s internal memory but a slot for a memory card, to turn it on hold the end button…. (like the rest of the other phones….), to get predictive text just push the button with the dark arrow bottom right and wait until the upper right changes to t9abc, and i got my prada few months ago for only $200 i dont know how much that’s in euro/pound…. =)

  23. dont know if i should get the LG shine or PRADA? is it hard to use the PRADA??
    getting one of these phones tommorow and dont know what one to choose! please help!!!!!!!!!!!!! =]

  24. does anyone know if and where to buy a touch screen pen for the prada phone! ive seen it in an ad so they do exist
    cant find them anywhere!
    it is driving me crazy using fingers hardly works!

  25. Please could someone tell me what i should do about getting tha prada phone, cuz i reli want one but i dont really want to pay a lot for it :) i would lyk to get it on contract really but onli for about £20 a month? does anyone know where i could get one at that price? thanks xXx

  26. I think this phones definately better than the iPhone. For starters, the iPhone only comes on contract so by the end of year one, you would have paid about £800 for it.Rip off! But i got this phone on PAYG and its awesome! Recomended! x

  27. hey guys whats kickin ? (snort snort) just braught this fabbadoodarr phone its the buisness omg its totally cooll loveee ittt!!! but does anyone no how to turn it ON!??????? xx floooooooooooooooo_________________ and betsy,

  28. Got this phone today for FREE!! haha my old samsung had been under contract and kept stuffing up so i got a free upgrade to anything.. So i got the PRADA phone its gorgeous and suprisingly easy to use… And for the person who posted a comment saying PRADA IS NADA.. Maybe your friend needs to stop hoovering food while using there fone i mean we are all human and have to eat but im having no probs with food all over it becoz im not a Dirty Slob.. I mean i never even did that to my cheap loan fones haha..

  29. Well i have to say that the lot of are really quite sad, and obv lead very dull and uninteresting lives. If all you can do is basically masterbate over a mobile phone!!

  30. I just got it today… EXCLLLENT… BUY IT GUYS … BRILIANT…
    I had the first treo than the newest HP IPQ cost me $ 900… naaaaaaaa…. this phone roks… Elegance … class… usefull .. easy to handel… briliant again…

  31. just wannna say lovin dis phone bought one yesterday for £170 wicked price…
    was thinkin ov gettin the i phone but theres to many problems with the networks.. will buy the i phone in 4 months when they have sorted it..

  32. i have had this phone a week, and have managed to figure every thing out but one thing, plz tell me how to save straight on to EXTERNAL MEMORY i have a 1 gig memory card but am unable to send videos because it is being sent to internal memory and there is not enough memory plzzzzzz help

  33. The memory Card goes underneath the battery, they do that so you have to switch off your phone before ejecting the memory card. as alot of problems arose from previous LG phones.

  34. Does this phone work with the Interwatch Security property watch system?

    We can view our Cyprus property through our Nokia N90 phone and my husband is interested in this phone.

  35. my friend ben just brought this exclusive phone and it is beautiful, so clear. Photo quality is mint1 Go PRADA u have done it again. thanks my friend is wrapped and its was for his birthday too. cheers

  36. hi..just got my phone…how in Prada’s name do I download off my Pc? I have connected the USB..and the phone goes into mass storage mode, but on the pc it says NOT CONNECTED. help. please. I cant download any songs and Im goin to cry.

  37. hey, i have a problem with my prada phone, i have a lot of stuff to put on it, but i don’t know how to switch between memories( internal”external), when i am trying to download smth into it says that memory full, but i have a brand nerw 2 gb card…so , if somebody can help me….i will be very…pleased…please…

  38. YAWN – good morning – about 7:30 AM here in Hollywood, Florida USA where there is a significant presence of residents who have names ending in the letters A, E, I, O and U. We also have loads of restaurants that cater to these PROUD ITIALIAN AMERICAN Floridians. We generally all dine at the local Conca D’Oro restaurant where the menu is extensive, food is prepared to order, and the price is right.

    Was there the other day with my friends Abba, his brother Dabba, and then there was Guido who LOVES his Clams Arraganata and also Casino. He had a similar phone, touch screen, on the table next to his Garlic Bread as he SLURPED down his clams, he also dipped into my MUSSELS, and his damn phone rang…….WOW, what a JOKE. Guido’s hands were covered in Olive Oil, Garlic, Romano Cheese, ……….do I have to tell you what that Touch Screen looked like or wmelled like when Guido’s call was over?

    My comment – PRADA is a NADA…..unless you wear SURGICAL GLOVES at the dining table.

    Thanks for this opportunity to post my comment.

  39. Hi I have just bought this fone, and its great I love it. The bad thing is my user manual is in chinese. Does anyone know where I can get an english version? I been using the basic features but want to know how to user the others could someone help??

  40. … you can use your own mp3′s as your ringtones. You can either bluetooth (yes which is there and you can switch it on and off as you choose (switching off will save more battery)) the songs onto your phone and will be stored in either the internal memory or the external (which is easy to understand if you have the phone).
    The memory card is inserted near the sim card. The wee leather case (and a little cleaner thingy) also comes with it and you’re recommended not to use anything else as it may damage the touchscreen!
    The memory card comes along with the phone so you don’t have to buy one yourself.
    Hope that helps anybody :)

  41. The predictive text was so hard to use at the start, but whenever you’re writing a message, you know the arrows on the screen where the text is? Touch that and it’ll turn to up and down arrows and when writing and word and it isn’t the word you want, touch the down arrow and the work/letter/character will change!

  42. hiya i am getting this phone tomorrow i just wanted to know a few things:
    1 can i have music as my ringtones?
    2 can i have photos as screensavers/wallpaper
    3 what memory card fits the phone and how much do they usually cost?
    4 does the leather pouch come with them all the time?
    i think thats about it for now, ook forward to hearing from you

  43. Hi!
    2 things – I’ve just been bought this phone as a gift – it is lovely to look at but I have 2 problems.
    1. HOW on earth do you get predictive texting to work – I know how to turn it on but it doesn’t seem to have any memory – I’m finding it SO frustrating – it doesn’t give any options for other words – can anyone help?
    2. The ringtones are AWFUL – I’ve blue toothed another one over from my old (motorola) phone but I cannot seem to get it to be a ringtone.
    And yes – I have looked in the manual which came with the phone but noe of this is covered.
    H E L P !

  44. Hi!
    I’m wondering if the Prada phone is in the United States or not.
    If it is:
    -What server is it?
    -Where can I get it?
    -How much is it?
    I would appreciate it if you could answer those questions for me.

  45. i love the look on the iphone and its amazing cousin so to speak the LG Prada, i think the prada is more affordable it should be cauze i cant afford the iphone, but with the type of phone that LG is bringing forward is the best thing since Nokia

  46. i was thinking about buyin’ it, though, i’ve heard lots of bad things about it, specially the battery and the low memory issues.
    so i’ve got a few doubts, if anyone could clarify them for me i’d appreciate.

    1 – is there a expansion card? if yes, is it too expensive?
    2 – is it possible for me to set my mp3 songs as ringtones? cause the ringtones that come with this phones are really annoying.
    3 – has it been updated since it’s been released? is LG planing to update it?
    4 – are there any other problems with this phone? and can we find a ay to fix ‘em?

    thanks ;)

  47. this phone is good but needs a little emproving as there arn’t meny games for it and i cant seem to get any vid’s or pics on to the phone unless i transfer them from my comp. but if enybody knows how to get vids from the internet on the phone to work plz can u help.

  48. I just got this LG Prada today , After i inserted my sim card in the phone , everything workd normal as other phones , but i couldn’t make any phone call, and it said no network . My local “cingular stores” don’t even know about this cell phone! I also went to some cellphone repair store they told me that Lg Prada don’t work in my small city. I really need help of this!!!?? What can I do to make it work in Fort Smith Arkansas United States??? Thank ya

  49. can you create playlists from mp3s stored on external memory? for the life of me i can’t seem to do this. the mp3 player will only allow playlist to be created from phone memory about 8MB i think. my 2GB micro sd card has loasd of mp3 that i can access via “my stuff” but i cant pick and choose my own playlists

  50. I was wondering if the phone was coming to the us or is the ks20 going to come to the us and is verizion going to habdle the services i have read that they were if so when will it be here i would love one now…….

  51. This phone looks like the rough-draft for the iphone. Why didn’t anyone make it clear that it was really the release of another LG that would be made more complicated to sell in the U.S.? This phone may not be lacking the “Prada” logo but it is certainly lacking originality & intelligent design unlike the countless numbers of it’s competitors.

  52. i think that is the best lg phone out and it may be a good seller but i think for how much the phone is i think they have gone ova the top but from my opion i like the lg parda i think it is a good phone

  53. There are a few ways you can add a song as your ringtone. They are as follows:

    1. go to your mp3, open the option box, and set as ringtone.
    2. go to contacts, select a contact, then edit, toggle down to ringtone, select my stuff > sounds, then ok, open MP3, locate the song you want for the ringtone. (This option only sets the ringtone for one person)
    3 read the users guide (enclosed with the phone.)

  54. Hey,

    I just got this phone, i have downloaded songs so that they are on the mp3 player. does anyone know how i can make any of the mp3 songs my ringtone, coz i cant find this option!!


  55. WoW What a peice of work.
    I have had many phones but I find it difficult to see how anyone can do better in design than this Lg/Prada so simple to use too!
    it looks and feels Great’ yeah ok sounds much lol but I havn’t put it down in days playing with all the extras….get one you will hate the idear of using buttons again would feel like going back to ring dile hehe

  56. Hey, i think that this phone is ACE! I love it to pieces and i think that it is the best phone in the world!! The i-phone may be better but when i took it swimming it did not with stand the water too well!! (NOT SHOWER RESISTANT!! BE WARNED!) :(


  57. hello! ive jus got this phone and i luv it (espically the fish background lool) but i wna upload the softwear on my computer but the disc is TINY and to put a disc into my computer u have to slide the disc in the side. But it just dosent go in there! sooooo if u have any clue how to help me email me

    charz x

  58. Im in love with the (male) model used in the magazine ads for the mobile, but cant find any of the ads online so I can save it as a screensaver – can you direct me to where I can see the ad online?

  59. Really cool design and i love the black and white interface.
    samsung are now using a black and white GUI but can also turn into colour.
    Things im not happy about are
    1) No autofocus (the shine has this)
    2) No 3G (Yet)
    3) Fixed SMS and MMS Ringers (how stupid can LG get (this mistake is also on the shine)
    Number 3 could be sorted with a firmware update to allow personalised MP3 and Polyphonics to be used by the user.
    Number 1 and 2 need to be on a Prada 2 and bought out before iPhone comes out.
    Get your fingers out guys before apple beats you too it (they may have 3G on the UK model of iPhone when it arrives).

  60. Hi,

    I really want this phone, But i need to no two things.
    Is the screen black and white? Because there are two pictures one with black and white and one with a blue backgound.
    The other thing is does the camera take in colour?

    Please reply a.s.a.p because i really want to no and i am getting it for my birthday this month but if its black and white screen that will put me off.

  61. I have the Prada mobile and it’s fab. Great features, very stylish, easy to use and looks great. I am the envy of my mates. Definitely one for the girls.

  62. I will be visiting Singapore soon and I seriously want to buy one of this phone there. Can you confirm that it is available – I just love it as its the most beatiful gift I could ever offer myself. Please confirm by e-mail as my trip is this week.

  63. hi…..i just purchased the new prada mobile yesterday and it is fabulous ….especially for the ladies its a womens mobile guys but it is great v stylish n high fashion x

  64. If the LG Prada works anything like the LG Chocolate then this phone will be impressive.

    Clearly it’s similar to the iPhone by Apple but it will appeal to a totally different market segment…..iPhone=Tech Types, LG Prada=Style Concious Types.

    A few months ago we got a LG Chocolate and was really impressed by it’s sleek looks and efficient functionality. Not to mention the reception was really good.

    We’ve generally stuck to the majoy mobile phone brands like Motorolla, Sony, Nokia, etc. but after our experience with the LG Chocolate we’re now sold on LG phones.

    We’ll definitely be giving the LG Prada a shot.

  65. I bet Dolce & Gabbana are embarrassed with there effort of a mobile phone, so glad I didnt get one of those motorola models…..does anyone know if this prada phone is limited edition????????

  66. I have got the new Prada phone, all good but texting is a pain in the backside,great phone but I think its popular only because its by Prada, I heard that there are limited stocks available in the UK …..Is this true?? or will this phone be on the market for months or years…

  67. i heard people are talking about it being the same as the apple. well i dont think it does and i think people should shut up and by the dam thing instead of taking the mick of the lg prada

  68. this phone isnt the first completley touch screen phone in the world maybe in the country but i have had a completley touch screen phone for about a year now and it is just a copy of the iphone but im sure it is very good but i wouldnt get it.

  69. Hey i have this phone and it is sooo stylish and easy to use. I have long nails too and dont find it a problem. And no it doesnt scratch any easier than any other phone.

  70. The screen can be converted to colour as when you first put on its black and white. Very stylish phone but no stylus and if you have large fingers it may not be that easy to use. :)

  71. I tried it today in the shops but the touch screen is not very friendly. Its not fast once touched. Again for the ladies, we cant use our nails but the thum which makes it hard for those with long nails. This disappointed me!

  72. I got a phone call from phones for you confirming that they have sent me a lg prada phone in the mail this afternoon, so there u have it guys n girls, the prada has offically arrived. altho, phones for u only had 50 in stock when they rang me. best hurry chaps.

  73. Here’s hoping it comes to the U.S. Even though I have yet to get my hands on an iPhone….I think its over-rated. I am a HUGE LG fan and would love to have a PRADA!!!

    As a Cingular employee…I think they need to get that! Looks great!

  74. Hello.. someone please tell moi, where i can buy this phone in London? can you just like buy it in the Prada store in Mayfair?? Also what phone network is it on????

  75. One more..

    I do not believe that Apple copied LG or LG copied Apple.

    They both copied Palm.

    Some of you may remember the very first version of PDA, Newton.
    It was introduced about 10 more years ago.

    Maybe Palm copied Newton.

    Who copied whose is meaningless for this kind of interface.

  76. I can’t believe that there are still many people believing Apple always makes the first move. No way! Even GUI was not invented by Apple.

    The interface of LG prada is based on an older model which was introduced in Korean market long time before Apple showed iPhone concept.

    Is there iPhone around? They just demonstrated it.

    LG Prada is now all around.
    Making a demonstration version and mass production of a new model are quite differenent.

    Apple is one of the greatest company in human history. I love my iPod so much.

    But, LG Prada is original in this case, not Apple.

  77. Hello fellow Prada lovers! it’s me again… just wanted to let carman, Sid and Julian know that i have just purchased the new prada for half price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW. LUV YA X

  78. hi steph,
    its carman here! just fort i’d let u no that the new prada is absolutly fab!!!!!!! i love it and hope to marry it one day…
    love you loads carman

  79. Hi…I’d just like to know – if the phone doesn’t come with a stylus…won’t it be very awkward to text using touch screen with fingers??


  80. It looks pretty, it works – who cares about the rest??

    Can anyone pls tell me if Vodaphone are supporting this phone – no I couldn’t be botherred to read all the blab above!

    Also, if it will be more than the Sirocco???

  81. now come on, you know the apple iphone will blow all these phones out of the water. the lg prada phone looks nice, but i can’t see how a fashion house thinks it can program a better operating system and user experience than apple. just like a prada model, on the surface it looks nice but underneath there won’t be much there.

    it will sell, but only to a few high fashion types.

    i will wait for apples iphone which actually has useful features and integrated ipod.

  82. Ok…stop asking about who is supporting and what not about networks lol…we will never know until it has actually been released. Secondly, the phone sim free is around £400-450, and might not be up for sale until a week or two after its release day because companies make more money throughout contract deals.

    And also…we think that the phone would most likely be free from £40 a month tarriffs (normal high street shops), because its not expensive enough like the Nokia 8800 Sirrocco, for example.

  83. I don’t think that’s correct Jarvis. O2 are not supporting it yet because its not released, but they’ll be offering it once it is. Check back on dialaphone at the end of March.

  84. Goddddddd some poeple just can’t bloody read…or just chooses not to read other people’s comments properly !!!

    Ok…this will answer your bloody questions..and they will get answered THOUROUGHLY.

    Step one, GO TO YOUTUBE.COM
    Step three, WATCH THE DAMN VIDEO

    The above three steps also apply fot the iPhone!

    Quick cut down;
    The Prada Phone works as a normal phone (sms, multimedia, music player, video player etc….), with many other features, and NO it is NOT only in Black&White, if you watch the phone demo on youtube it will show you how to change themes.
    And yes, the iPhone is better in a few ways, one, better on-board memory. Two, specialised for iPod users. Three, Better Battery life.
    And last but not the least, It has also been rumored that they will release it later on after the Prada phone, so that they could investigate the Prada phone’s faulty points (If any occur) and then improve the iPhone

    How do i know about these info ?
    One, I work as a Sales Consultant in a Phone Shop

    Two I look up things on the net before asking around

    So if you guys need any more info..look up on the net or email me on my MSN :

  85. I LOVE IT!!!!! (L)(L)

    its so chic!!

    but…does it come out in Spain?
    Please if you know TELL ME!!!

    and how mmuch it will cost in spain!


  86. Tim Lorents comment (from 16th Feb) is really funny… without realizing it himself, he admit that Apple are just copycats… That Apple are pathetic and that LG/Prada has the right to be furious over the iPhone…

  87. Will this prada model improve on all of the many downfalls of the previous lg chocolate phone including the battery life (i.e. it wont have to be completely run down before re-charging)?

  88. i know people like improvements, but why do these phones have to cost so much? i really like this phone but will probably buy the chocolate phone as i can’t afford this. think of the teenegers who buy phones: we cant afford this and by the time we can its way over!

  89. I should come out soon (March/April) in five European countries (England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain – I think). Initially it should only be available in Prada Stores and the price should be around £480 or €600.

    Some say that this is a copy of the iPhone. It’s NOT and furthermore it’s coming out BEFORE the iPhone!


  91. i love designer. i have many a designer item at my home. but ive always liked designer pieces for their individuality. this is just another phone. i already have a PDA and it looks better than this one. i would love to own something prada helped with if it actually was different. it almost makes me angry! lol and just think if this has no stylus how dirty the screen is going to be after awhile! i have a stylus and qwerty board on my pda and its already getting irritating cuz i have to clean it so much for it to look decent. i dont think its worth the hype to be honest. they are going to have to try harder for true designer lovers. …oh and ps. the D&G ‘phone’ was appauling.

  92. This is so pathetic. LG simply copied the iPhone. Every company has to copy Apple. Look at Microsoft and now LG & Prada. Apple has the right to be furious about this. But, on the other hand, Apple is the most innovative company there is. If another company copies their products they simply know that they are the best. LG deserves a smack in the face.

  93. Having played with the new Prada in Barcelona, the interface is excellent and very responsive. The Prada name may restrict sales as most men do not like walking around the brand. However the phone and applications are excellent. It has a flash memory slot which will take the new 2G cards from Sandisc so increases. Unlike like the iphone I have seen the device make and receive calls.

  94. I read some where that LG is accusing Apple of copying Prada. After seeing these images, if Apple did in fact do so, the copy surpasses the orginal, because the iPhone is proportionally perfect and completely emblematic of Apple’s style. Nice try LG

  95. Owen,

    Why is that apple owners always think someone is coping them? The LG Prada phone was announced around the same date as the iPhone and therefore there wasn’t time to copy the iphone and then produce the LG Prada. In fact, the LG Prada phone is based on the LG KE850, which has been around for sometime and there it is more likely that Apple copied LG!

  96. I been using LG laptop since march 2006 , and i gotta tell you these guys in LG are really briliant and manufacture something which looks like SONY VAIO but is much lighter in weight .
    So , I’m just waiting for this phone to be released and for sure I’ll get it AS SOON AS I CAN .

  97. I was wondering is there a waiting list for the phone and how long is it?? How much is the phone for and have you had any other phones produced by you or it this your first. Iwould be very grateful if you could answer all these questions very quickly.
    Thank you

  98. When the phone is launched initially it will only be 2.5G so this won’t be on the Three network, but we believe a 3G version will follow, which will be compatible with Three. Whether or not they will offer it, we don’t know.

  99. The design is nice and different but the features are a bit backwards, a black and white screen!!!! sounds like they put the effort in but then gave up. The iphone looks smarter and does more. I was impresssed but now not convinced.

  100. Had a look on some other forums and apparently, Hermes are also releasing a similar phone….Im just hoping we dont get a Gucci/Louis Vuitton monogram handset so all the chavs can jum on the bandwagon…

  101. pleeeeease tell me how i get this phone, I have the D&G Moto Razor but I have to have this, as although it is beautiful, the phone itself isnt very good, will the phone be available in normal shops?

  102. Marc – yes the phone does have a calendar and text messaging facility. Have a look at the picure of the menu screen above. It looks like being a minimlaist design, but one that will include the kind of features that most phones have as standard these days.

  103. This cell phone seems like it’s going to be great. I can’t wait for it! But I am wondering what cell phone company/provider is going to take it out? I KNOW ITS LG AND PRADA.

  104. In case you havn’t noticed, Apple has this new thing called the iPhone….
    The Prada phone looks like a hyped Nokia Communicator with the same menu experience as the first generation com.

  105. I think this is going to be a coming trend – designer phones from well-known high-end brands. What interests me the most is that this Prada model will boast it’s own interface. Curious if that’s from LG, or some third-party developer. Aside from the looks, the interface is what’s going to drive sales, as well as advanced mobile services.

  106. Hi Stephanie,

    All we have been told so far is that the phone will be released at the end of March or beginning of April 2007 in 5 European countries and 3 other countries in the rest of the world.

    We will post more info on the Dialaphone blog when we get it.


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