Author: Andrew Boxall

Do Sony Ericsson’s MH907 Earphones ‘Put Your Ears in Control’?

We knew it was coming and thanks to the title, we knew it was ear-related, but has Sony Ericsson’s new product announcement put our ears in control?  Well, possibly, but it’s perhaps not as exciting as a new phone would have been!  The product in question are the MH907 Motion Activated Earphones, which are about as exciting as earphones get. The phones are a continuation of Sony Ericsson’s ‘SensMe’ philosophy – adding a personal touch to control systems – where in this case, by inserting both earphones, your mobile phone’s music player automatically starts playing and then when you want […]

Top Ten Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week

The busy month of September continues, so to ensure you don’t miss any of the smaller stories out in the mobile world, here’s our weekly round-up. 1.  More Pictures of the LG BL20 and the Unseen GW300. Apparently on display at a new LG office in Holland, the BL20 is looking more and more like the original Chocolate phone than ever before, thanks in no small part to the black and red colour scheme.  We like the QWERTY keyboarded GW300 too, especially its rumoured price of just 100 euro!  Unfortunately, LG didn’t provide any final launch details for either handset. […]

Samsung B7330 OmniaPRO Made Official

As if Samsung’s range wasn’t confusing enough, the new B7330 OmniaPRO has been photographed and shown off all over the web, and it’s a really early update over the B7320 – a phone which has only recently been released – and not a rename for a different territory as previously thought.  We’re glad the official announcement from Samsung cleared up that mystery! Back to the B7330.  It looks very similar to the B7320, but with some nice curves and swoops to replace its already aged sharp lines, and benefits from a 2.6″ screen with a square 320×320 pixel resolution, both […]

Nokia’s Latest Luxury 8800 Phone is Naughty but Nice!

It’s naughty because that chrome body could, in the wrong situation, be mistaken for something else entirely, but nice because finally, Nokia have bestowed one of their image conscious 8800 models with – wait for it – some actual features!  Currently known only by its codename of Erdos, this forthcoming 8800 will not be part of the Arte range, instead occupying its own space in the line-up. Before we divulge its features, lets take a look at the design.  Nokia clearly want the Erdos to appear as if it’s been machined from a solid block of silver, with the screen […]

Orange Speaks Clearly in Moldova, Thanks to HD Voice!

The reason for Orange’s enunciation is due to their decision to introduce a new, high quality service named HD Voice in the small Eastern European country.  The switch was thrown at 09:09 on the 09/09/09, represents a world first and according to Orange, the first time since the early 90s that the GSM network has received a major upgrade benefiting voice quality. HD Voice works by using a special audio coding technology called AMR-WB – which stands for Adaptive Multi Rate-Wideband -  reducing background noise, canceling hiss and giving a more natural sound to telephone conversations, which Orange describe as […]

Sony Ericsson Reveals More About the Pureness

We took a brief look at the XPERIA Pureness a week ago and discovered that behind the translucent screen, not a lot else was going on tech-wise and now, despite some further news from Sony Ericsson, this has sadly remained the same.  However, we now have a clearer indication of what they are hoping to achieve with the phone, and it’s certainly not to attract the tech crowd. Instead of collaborating with a network or going the normal route and selling the Pureness in regular mobile phone shops, Sony Ericsson are doing the same as Motorola did with the Aura, […]

LG’s Etna Erupts in Europe

Although they have proclaimed much love for Windows Mobile, LG also promised three Android mobile phones before the year ended and today we have seen the first such device.  It’s named the Etna, or if you don’t know it very well, the more formal GW620.  Despite a wordy press release and the phone being on display at the recent IFA show, LG haven’t given much away in terms of features, but here’s what we do know: A 3″ touchscreen displaying Google’s Android OS, which at this stage appears to be devoid of a flashy UI. A slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Further […]