Author: Andrew Boxall

Blow it to Get it Excited

Have you ever played Lego Indiana Jones on the Nintendo DS?  Well, if not there is a challenge where you have to blow up a balloon, which you achieve by actually blowing into the DS!  Now, courtesy of Korean mobile company Pantech, this clever little bit of technology is being integrated into a mobile phone named – perhaps rather amusingly – the Sky Wind. Korean software house Fantalog have perfected this system and have called it the Emotion Engine and surprisingly it needs no hardware modification, just an extra bit of software which then measures the

Samsung Ready to Debut 12 Megapixel Cameraphone?

Reports are spreading over the Internet that Samsung maybe ready to give us the inevitable next step in cameraphone evolution, the 12 megapixel lens!  The word is Samsung will be ready to unveil this beast at the Mobile World Congress later this month, so at least we won’t have long to wait until we find out the facts behind the rumour. According to Unwired View, who ran the story first, the 12 megapixel Samsung will get its initial launch in Europe, but their Korean source had no firm details on other features or possible form factor the phone would take.

Top Ten Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week – 30th January.

The Barcelona 2009 Mobile World Congress gets ever closer and we’re seeing more and more rumours hitting the Web.  Acer and i-mate both have announcements to make, plus we have pictures of some cool Japanese-only phones and another shockingly expensive Nokia. 1. Leaked Motorola ZN300 Pictures. Motorola may debut the ZN300 music slider phone at the Mobile World Congress and seeing as there are no details on the specification out there, we hope they will.  It’s being suggested the phone will have a 3 megapixel camera and a special D-pad whose function changes depending on what application is running. 2.  […]

The Next Generation of Hands-Free Mobile Phone?

Visit the IA Technology website and you’ll find it’s filled with military tech with little clue they build anything other than components for mobile phones on the side.  However, the BBC have been granted access to their top-secret facility in Hereford, UK and they have seen the future of hands-free mobile phones. The reporter claims to be unable to demonstrate the product – named the Zumba – but does give an overview of what is the world’s first full voice-recognition mobile phone and how it works.  It looks more like a

Firefox Mobile Ready for February Release.

Anticipated for sometime, it looks like Mozilla is ready to start releasing Firefox Mobile.  Dubbed Fennec after a long-eared desert fox, the latest browser is said to be making its debut solely on the HTC Touch HD during the first week of February.  Obviously the gorgeous screen on the Touch HD will be ideal to show off Fennec, but it is rather unfortunate for the all the other Windows Mobile users desperate to leave Internet Explorer behind. However, we can’t see this exclusivity lasting for long and no matter whether an adaptation comes from Mozilla or from the kitchen of […]

Google Android Set to Make a Splash at MWC 2009.

  With only a few weeks to go until the 2009 Mobile World Congress begins, rumours are abound as to what goodies await us and unsurprisingly, Google’s Android operating system features heavily in them.  The G1 is still the only official, in production Android device on the market and with the Kogan recently being delayed, the race is on to be the second. General Mobile, a name unfamiliar to most mobile fans, will be showing off the DSTL1, a dual-SIM touchscreen phone running Android.  The 3 inch screen has an odd resolution of

British Airways Latest to Offer In-Flight Mobile

 British Airways have confirmed they will be offering limited mobile communication services from Autumn this year, initially only aboard the London City to New York JFK flight in business class.  They join the test runs completed by BMI and a commitment from Ryanair on the subject of in-flight mobile phone calls, but all seem still to be waiting for approval by European regulators. Interestingly, BA will not be allowing you to actually make a phone call, instead users will rely on