Author: Andrew Boxall

A Roundup of October’s Hottest New Mobile Phones

As has been clear over the last few weeks, October is set to be a good month for those interested in new mobile phones, with several exciting handsets being released or becoming available for pre-order.  To whet your appetite even further, let’s take a look at five of the best phones to come later this month: The Motorola DEXT. Will the DEXT be Motorola’s comeback?  There’s a good chance it will since the early word is that the hardware is good and the software smooth and reliable.  The DEXT uses Google Android and covers it with MOTOBLUR, where widgets display […]

BlackBerry Desktop Manager Comes to OS X

This has been a long time coming, but RIM are finally about to release an official Desktop Manager application for the Apple Mac.  BlackBerry owners have been using third party software, mass storage mode and even Google to sync their phone with their Mac up until now, but RIM have heard your cries and on October 2nd, your BlackBerry will officially love your Mac. The BlackBerry Desktop Manager offers the following features: Sync data from Mac programs including iCal and your address book. Sync non-DRM iTunes music and playlists.  Add and remove applications. Create back-up files or restore your device […]

Minimalist LG GD510 Pop Revealed

  This is the LG GD510, a new touchscreen phone which we don’t recall having seen before, but are really impressed with the sleek, minimalist casing.  The Pop, as it’s also known,will sit alongside the Cookie and the more recent GW520 in LG’s range as another affordable touchscreen mobile phone, a product the manufacturer are getting very good at creating. The 3″ WQVGA touchscreen dominates the front panel, with LG making a point in their press release of telling us that the surrounding bezel measures just 4.8mm, with only a single button for company.  This button glows green when you […]

LG Finally Stamp ‘Official’ on the BL20 Chocolate

We caught some images snapped in an LG office of the LG BL20 Chocolate a couple of weeks back, therefore is was safe to assume the official launch wouldn’t be far away and now, as if they heard our cries, the newest Chocolate arrives.  Looking very similar to the old KE800 from back in 2006, the BL20 joins the BL40 in LG’s Black Label series portfolio. As with previous models, the BL20 has a selection of touch sensitive buttons below the screen and is a conventional slider with an alphanumeric keypad.  The user interface has a similar look to the […]

Expect the Orange iPhone Later This Year.

The last few months have been important for Orange, first with their purchase of T-Mobile – a merger which will see the new operator take the UK network top spot in terms of market share – and now the announcement they will be officially offering the Apple iPhone 3G and 3GS later this year. It’s not much of a stretch to imagine these two events are linked, as when Apple chose O2 to exclusively sell the iPhone, the carrier occupied the highest step, now they are set to be replaced by T-Orange, or whatever the name will be, Apple have […]

Getting to Grips with Palm’s webOS

Now that the Palm Pre has been officially announced for the UK, it’s safe to get excited about what has been one of the most hyped smartphone releases of 2009, without the fear we’ll never get to see it here.  It’s potentially the savior of Palm as a company and the first device to feature their new operating system, named webOS, which we’ll be taking a close look at here to reveal its key benefits. We’ll start with a bit of background.  Palm’s webOS replaces the old Palm OS used on devices such as the Treo an Centro, is based […]

Top Ten Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week

With the Palm Pre grabbing the majority of the UK’s mobile headlines this week, it would have been easy to overlook other stories, so enjoy our roundup! 1.   Sony Ericsson Entertainment Trio Release Dates Confirmed! The Sony Ericsson Satio, Aino and Yari mobile phones will be released in the UK during the second week of October, making next month a very exciting one indeed!  The Satio is probably the most anticipated thanks to its 12 megapixel camera, but the Aino’s  remote Playstation control make it a close second. 2.   Palm Pre a True ‘Smart’ Phone. Research into customers […]