Author: Andrew Boxall

LG’s Design the Future Competition Concepts Pictured

The second LG Design the Future competition ran from April until June this year and garnered more than 800 entries.  The brief was simple, design a phone that would define the future of mobile communication, and be in with a chance of grabbing a cash prize, international stardom and perhaps have your idea made into an actual LG phone. At the tail end of last week, LG issued a list of this year’s winners, with the ‘CC’ designed by Emily Albinski, collecting the top prize of $20,000.  The CC has a core unit which can be inserted into either a […]

Top Ten Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week – 31st July

As July ends and we enter the height of the summer, new phone releases have all but dried up, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of rumours to go around, the juiciest of the moment being the Nokia N97 Mini… 1.  N97 Mini Pictured Alongside its Big Brother. The rumour Nokia may be planning a smaller version of its popular N97 QWERTY-slider just received a reality boost, as this leaked picture shows the familiar N97 next to an unidentified ‘mini’ version of itself!   Visual changes include the removal of the keyboard mounted d-pad and the camera lens cover, […]

Official New LG Chocolate Shots to Lovingly Admire!

 If it’s true that all mobile phone leaks are done to gauge public reaction, it’s fair to say that LG can tick the ‘very excited indeed’ box when it comes to the new Chocolate.  The start of July saw the first rumours LG were set to reprise their massively popular fashion phone, something which became more concrete when a teaser video appeared on YouTube, and jaws dropped at what is one of the prettiest designs we’ve seen in a while! Following some more spy shots, LG have now provided some official press pictures of the BL40 Chocolate, and it looks […]

New BlackBerry 8520 Curve Coming in August

Initially, the BlackBerry Curve 8520 looked as if it was going to only get a US release, however it has now been announced the new model will also be coming to the UK, and as soon as August.  Visually, the 8520 looks very similar to the 8900 Curve which many are familiar with, but there are a few important differences under the skin. These days, for a new phone to make a splash it has to have plenty of new bells and whistles, but with the 8520, RIM have gone the opposite direction, instead creating what should be an affordable […]

Top Ten Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week – 24th July

As we begin to close in on the official summer holiday period, news of new models has started to thin, but there is still plenty going on in the world of mobile phones. 1.  Bluetooth Headsets To Become Acceptable! We should pity the person who feels the need to wear their Bluetooth earpiece walking around the supermarket, regardless of whether they’re on a call or not, however as from January next year, there should be a Bluetooth device on the market which will almost make them socially acceptable!  The Orb transforms from a ring to a subtle earpiece and back […]

Samsung S9110 – A Watchphone You’d Wear, But Won’t Get the Chance.

Thanks Samsung!  The Korean company yesterday announced the impending release of a watchphone, named the S9110, which in the pictures actually looks good enough to wear.  The reason for this is likely to be its slim face – a touch under 12mm – and the simple yet classy stainless steel and leather strap combination.  Even LG’s GD910 has a challenging look and the less said about the failed Hyundai entry the better! The scratch-resistant glass covers a 1.7″ touchscreen and boasts voice recognition, a music player, Bluetooth and the ability to sync with Outlook.  Unfortunately there’s no 3G or Wi-Fi, […]

Nokia 6760 Slide Surging to Europe

Announced in the USA last week as the Surge, Nokia have now given word that Europe will be getting the QWERTY phone in the Autumn.  However, the Surge will lose its odd name and become known simply as the 6760 Slide when it is released and if the early word is correct, it will have a few feature tweaks too. The 6760 Slide is a clever messaging phone, suited to those who live for their social networks and love sending SMS and email on the move.  Connection to your Exchange server, most email services and online networks such as Twitter […]