Author: Dialaphone

Has the iPad Turned the Page on the Traditional Book?

Libraries are dying and so too are the reams of paper and collage of words that populate them. But this is no modern-day Bonfire of the Vanities – after all, everybody knows that libraries are dying because they’ve read about it. However, in the place of the antiquated villains of ignorance or illiteracy, libraries are being threatened by another foe: the digital evolution of pretty much everything. Primary suspect in the downfall of the book domicile is the Internet – the vast intangible library of the world. The Dewy Decimal system has largely been replaced by Googling. And the Internet’s […]

HTC Lining Up “iPod Killer” ?

While mobile phone manufacturers fall over themselves in a bid to outperform the iPhone, one mobile player is targeting one of the California tech giants’ other products to compete with…