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How to Work Around the iPhone Alarm Problem

Stop complaining about all of the problems that you’re having with your iPhone alarm. Learn how to fix the issue instead! We’ve come up with some easy solutions to help you get out of bed at the right time every morning.

How to Turn your iPhone into a Remote using Surc

A new accessory and free app are poised to turn the iPhone into a fully functional universal remote that works with all of the different devices in your home. If you like what you hear, we can show you how to do it!

How to Use iPhone Voice Memos

Have you ever wished that you had a tape recorder to get your thoughts down or to create a special voice message for someone you love? The iPhone has one built in and you can find out how to use it with our helpful guide!

How to Use Dropbox on iPhone

Dropbox is a cloud-based sharing program that syncs your files across all of your devices and you can get it on your iPhone. This guide will take you through all the basics of how to use this feature to help get you started.

Guide to iPhone Keyboard Hidden Characters

The onscreen keyboard on the Apple iPhone is even more versatile than you might have realised as it supports over twenty different languages. English speakers may find they need to use certain special characters, like an accent mark, even when writing in English, since so many of our words are adopted from other languages. It’s easy to do using the hidden characters on the keyboard. How to Use Special Characters To access the iPhone’s hidden characters, hold down the base letter and after a couple of seconds, a pop up menu of the available special characters will appear. Slide your […]

Can’t Hear Because You’re Listening To Your iPhone? There’s An App For That

In what’s either an extremely intelligent app or a parody of Apple’s “Selling things to solve problems our previous device created” strategy, the Awareness app takes the music-listener’s inability to hear the outside world and solves it with software.  Developed by “essency”, the app constantly listens to the outside world for you and transmits anything loud – and presumably urgent – enough in through your headphones. So now its official: iPhone elitists really can screen the outside world. By manually setting the decibel limit you don’t have to listen to all the other idiots on the bus, but if one starts […]

How to Create iPhone Folders

One of the major changes to the iPhone’s OS 4 was the ability to create folders. The phone uses an “intelligent naming” system that makes it easy to know what is in each folder. You can have up to twelve different apps in any one folder and create a maximum of 180, meaning that this new feature can help you organise more than 2000 apps on one iPhone! Here is how to create folders on your iPhone: Figure out which apps you want in each folder. You cannot put a single app into a folder by itself so you need […]