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How to Multitask In-Call on LG BL40

The LG BL40 is a luxurious smartphone that allows you to engage in various methods of multi-tasking while you’re in the middle of the call. These include: Take advantage of the mute button. Like all phones, the LG BL40 has a mute button that you can use if you want to talk to someone privately while you have a caller on the other end of the line. Simply press the microphone on or off to activate and deactivate this function. Use the phone’s speakers. Using the speaker to hear and talk on your phone is one of the best ways […]

How to Use LG Pop MP3 Player

Learning to use a mobile phone today is a lot more than just working out how to make a call. If you haven’t got around to figuring out the how-to’s of your LG Pop’s mp3 player yet, then this guide should help you out. To Play Music From Your Home Screen Tap the top of your screen and you will see your status summary. On the bottom left hand corner of this is an icon of musical notes. Press that button to play your music. To Access The MP3 Player Go to MENU then your entertainment settings and choose music. […]

How To Use LG BL40 with your Home Wi-Fi

You have a home wireless network that allows you to utilise a laptop, wireless printer and other convenient devices. If you also have an LG BL40 handset then you should take advantage of the opportunity to surf the web using your home Wi-Fi. This lets you enjoy the mobile web features of your phone without using up the data plan that you’re on. The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you’ve enabled the Wi-Fi feature on your LG BL40 Chocolate handset. To do this, go to MENU, select the Wi-Fi icon and turn the […]

How to Improve Photos on your LG Pop

Learning to use the advanced photo settings on your camera phone is important. Here are some tips for taking better photos on your LG Pop: Locate your advanced settings. It is simple to find the advanced settings on the Pop. In the camera setting on the phone, look at the left bottom corner. You will see a circular symbol inside of a black square. This is where your advanced settings are located. Press it to change those settings. Change the quality of the pictures that you take. This immediately improves your photos. You can choose between formal, fine and super […]

How to Change LG Pop Ringtones, Message Tones and Sounds

The LG Pop is a great little phone. One of the fun things about it is that it is capable of using mp3 files to play sounds for a variety of different actions on your phone. You can choose different sounds for your ringtone, message tones, start up and shut down sounds. You can also make different choices for each profile that you have on the phone (such as your normal profile and your outdoor profile). Of course, you have to know how to make these changes if you want to properly customize the sounds on your LG Pop. Here’s […]