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How to Use Google Voice on Nexus One

Your Google Nexus One is designed to make it simple to use the Google Voice service. Here are the basic things that you’ll need to know: The Google Voice icon looks like a phone inside a talk bubble. It is located on both the home screen and the Google Nexus One launcher. Tap it in either place to get to the service. You can set up Google Voice just by pressing the icon and using the setup wizard. Google Voice opens to the last screen that you viewed or to your inbox if you haven’t recently been into the program. […]

How to Take Great Pictures with Google Nexus One

The Google Nexus One comes with a 5 megapixel camera that has built-in autofocus and an LED flash. This guide can help you use it to its full advantage to take, view and share photos. Tips and Reminders for Taking Great Photos Clean the lens. This phone is prone to smudges on the camera lens. Carry a cleaning cloth with you and use it to get clearer images. Learn to set manual exposures. Unlike many camera phones, the Google Nexus One lets you set manual exposures in the “camera settings” area of the phone. Set the white balance. This is […]

How to Search by Gesture on your Android Phone

For this you’ll need an Android mobile phone running at least v1.6, although this was originally a v2.0 app. We had a quick look at My Sign for the Motorola Milestone recently, where a sign ‘drawn’ on the touchscreen would take you directly to an application, but here is one which performs a search instead. Performed by a Google Labs application, Google Gesture Search recognises the letter you scrawl on the screen, digs about inside your phone to find relevant results and then displays them on screen. Download the Gesture Search application over at Google Labs and install it on […]

A Guide to Bluetooth 3.0 – Samsung Leading the Way

This week, news of a new Samsung touchscreen phone has hit the wires.  So far it’s only known as the SHW-M120S and that it will likely have a 3.3″ AMOLED screen and run Google’s Android operating system.  Samsung have another 3.3″ touchscreen phone coming out soon, the Samsung Wave, which will run their new Bada OS; so could these two have been separated at birth, one raised by Google, the other by Samsung?  We’ll have to wait for an answer when the M120S is pictured. The screen is not the only feature which links these two either, as Bluetooth 3.0 […]

How to Avoid Losing your Mobile Phone

How many mobile phones have you had to replace before they were out of date because you lost yours somewhere? Check the lost and found of any bar or restaurant and you’ll see that it’s not uncommon for people to simply leave their phones behind when they’re out and about. Hopefully you’ve got everything on your phone backed up so that you don’t have too many hassles when replacing your lost phone. However it’s a lot better for you if you don’t lose it in the first place, right? And wouldn’t it be nice if we could teach our kids […]

How to Power a Mobile Phone in Weird Ways!

How do you power your mobile phone? If you’re a normal cell phone user then you plug your phone into a charger which is plugged into an outlet and you collect electricity to power the battery on your phone. But of course you must already know that there are other, more creative, more energy-efficient ways to power a mobile phone. Some of these, like solar power, are uncommon methods that we’re likely to see becomingly increasingly common as time goes on. Others are wacky concept ideas that we’re probably not ever going to see in the major mobile phone market. […]