sWaP Rebel – MI Spy

Meet the sWaP Rebel, a digital watch that doubles up as a phone! With phone calling and texting capabilities plus a media player and Internet access, is it the James Bond gadget we’ve all been dreaming of?

Windows Phone 7: A Look at What’s Inside

Following the launch of Windows Phone 7 yesterday, there has been more emphasis on the new handsets than on the operating system itself, perhaps because we were introduced to the software many months ago, but have been speculating on the hardware ever since.  However, just because we saw Windows Phone 7 at Mobile World Congress, doesn’t mean it was finished then, as Microsoft have been hard at work making it into a release-ready version; and that’s what we were shown on Monday. Microsoft’s Corporate VP of the Windows Phone program, Joe Belfiore, gave another in-depth run through of what Windows […]

Google Nexus One – Better Late than Never

Around Christmas 2009, the Nexus One was the mobile phone of the moment. A new device marketed by a company who planned to change the way American citizens purchased mobile phones by selling it SIM-free via their own website. As the company in question was Google, the world took a huge interest. Launched in the USA at the beginning of 2010, the Nexus One could be paid for and delivered to anyone in the UK too; if you were happy to cough up for the delivery, insurance and VAT as well. The thing was, if you weren’t – and let’s face […]

The PUMA Phone

SAGEM phones are powering into the public eye with the PUMA phone. The French company have been around for almost a hundred years, working on everything from power supplies to army equipment, before adventuring into the mobile phone market in the 80s. They’ve been pumping out phones ever since, but it looks like they’re trying to raise their profile in the UK by teaming up with PUMA, bringing a big sporty brand to an extremely sporty phone. They’re aggressively targeting an active audience, understanding that this doesn’t mean you have to be outdoorsy: every gym in any city is stuffed with sweating […]

Gigabyte GSmart C1305 Codfish Swims to UK

Rumour has it that UK-based Orange is going to be picking up a new handset. The Android-based handset is designed for the Ukraine under the name Gigabyte GSmart C1305 Codfish. Recognising the fact that most people don’t find it appealing to think about sticking a codfish into their pockets, it’s highly possible that the phone will be re-branded under a new name for its UK release. “Boston” is the name that is currently being banded about as a strong possibility for this phone. Switch to Android Gigabyte already has a line of phones that are part of the GSmart Series. […]

Why Vodafone’s 360 Handsets Demand Your Attention

Vodafone has announced the launch of its new 360 web portal along with the release of two new touchscreen phones that will let customers take advantage of the new service. The 360 service is an Internet portal which brings cloud computing to Vodafone’s handsets. Using this web-based personalized connection to the Internet allows customers to use these handsets to maintain their online social networks and to access an advanced web-based address book. That’s a great service but it’s not too different from the services that people get with other up-to-date web-connected touchscreen phones. So why should you bother paying attention to […]