Get Connected! Your Guide to Sharing Content On Your Phone

You’ve probably seen Wi-Fi Direct, DLNA, Bluetooth 3.0 and other things mentioned recently, but what do they do? We guide you through these and other data transfer systems found on smartphones, to help you decide which is the best way for you to share your videos, music and photos with those around you.

Android Version Data and Future Releases Suggest Fragmentation will Rise and Fall

Here are two interesting snippets concerning Google Android. The first concerns data on the amount of handsets that use version 2.1 or higher, the results of which show that the spectre of fragmentation has almost been banished, but our second piece of news makes us question for how long. The reason for this fragmentation was the rapid release of newer and more capable versions of the software, and the sudden increase of more powerful phones going on sale, leaving phones that were less than six months old unable to run the latest releases and becoming stuck on older versions. Aside from […]