Android Apps User Info Sent to Advertisers

A new study has found that Android app users get a lot more than they bargined for when downloading apps onto their phones. Did you agree to send your personal information to advertisers with your app purchases? We tell you all you need to know about this latest smartphone research.

Android Market Reaches 100,000 Apps

Google tweet that their Android Market now contains 100,000 apps for Android users to download. How does this compare with their competitors, and what does the future hold?

Android Version Data and Future Releases Suggest Fragmentation will Rise and Fall

Here are two interesting snippets concerning Google Android. The first concerns data on the amount of handsets that use version 2.1 or higher, the results of which show that the spectre of fragmentation has almost been banished, but our second piece of news makes us question for how long. The reason for this fragmentation was the rapid release of newer and more capable versions of the software, and the sudden increase of more powerful phones going on sale, leaving phones that were less than six months old unable to run the latest releases and becoming stuck on older versions. Aside from […]

ZTE Announce the ZTE Light Android Tablet

ZTE, the Chinese manufacturer best known for peripherals and handsets branded by other companies, have announced the ZTE Light, a 7″ tablet computer running Android 2.1. ZTE may not be that well known here, but like the similarly unknown Huawei, they want to change this and right now, so a well-priced tablet could be the device to do it with. The tablet’s feature list is good too, with 3G/HSDPA support, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, a 3 megapixel camera, a microSD card slot, a 3.5mm headphone socket and a potential 10 hours of battery life. With a spec like this and the quoted […]

Measure Heart Rate with Phone’s Camera

There are quite a few mobile phones and apps on the market that measure your heart rate. The majority of these are sports phones for athletes, mobiles that measure many different aspects of a workout, including heart rate. However, a new app for Android and iPhone users takes a very unique approach to measuring your heart rate by using the phone’s camera. Did you know that the colour of your finger changes as your heart beats faster? That’s right, the more oxygen-rich your blood is, the redder your finger will look. Instant Heart Rate is an app that uses technology […]

Location Tools Improved on Layar Augmented Reality App

Layar, one of the most popular augmented reality apps to date, has been improved. The Android app has added Skyhook’s Core Engine to provide precise and accurate location information. This is a very important upgrade because the success of the app relies almost entirely on its ability to provide detailed geo- location info. . Layar allows users to see enhanced information about the items in their local area. For example, you could   find out which homes are for sale around you. In other words, it “layers” data over your current location. The local info on Layar has been fairly accurate […]