Beware! The First Android SMS Trojan Has Arrived

It was bound to happen. The first SMS Trojan for smartphones running the Android OS has been detected so what do you need to know if you’re an Android phone user? It ‘s called Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.FakePlayer.a. It looks like a simple media player app. If your phone prompts you to launch a media app that you are unfamiliar with, don’t do it. You’ll recognise it because it has the file extension .APK and is about 13 KB in size. If installed on your handset, it can cost you money. It does this by sending text messages to premium rate numbers, it’s believed […]

Exponential Growth of Android App Store Bodes Well for Competing with iPhone

Approximately one year ago there were about 5000 apps that had been submitted to the Android Market. At the end of 2009 that number had quadrupled. Between the end of 2009 and now the number of apps submitted to the Android Market has grown five times in size with the store reaching a landmark number of 100,000 apps. Not all of the apps that have been submitted to the marketplace have become available to the public. In fact, approximately 18,000 of those have either been removed from the marketplace or were never actually published in the first place. Nevertheless, this […]

Motorola Joining Rush to Launch a Tablet Computer

Given the success of Apple’s iPad tablet computer, the first product of its type to go properly mainstream, other manufacturers are keen to get their own versions onto the market as quickly as possible.  We already know there is a Samsung tablet coming, tentatively known as the Galaxy Tab, LG have spoken about an Optimus tablet and more recently HP have hinted they will be launching a ‘PalmPad‘ too. Now Motorola have piped up, with The Street reporting on a rumour that they will be launching their own tablet around November this year.  While the name and spec of said […]

Android Shows Increase in UK According to Report

Market researchers GfK have concluded that Google’s Android operating system has seen considerable growth in the UK over the last months, with its share rising from 3% during Q1 to 13.2% in Q2. As smartphones become more popular and the amount of Android phones available increases, this seems logical, but it doesn’t make this figure any less impressive. GfK also suggest that sales of contract Android phones have increased by a massive 350% during Q2 too. Recent figures from Phones4U and Carphone Warehouse place the Android-based Sony Ericsson X10 Mini at number three in a list of their current best-selling phones, […]

ZTE Finally Arrive in the UK with the Racer

At the beginning of the year you may not have heard of ZTE, but as the initial months passed the Chinese manufacturer became known as one of Palm’s potential suitors and then as the company behind several Android phones rumoured for release in the UK during 2010. ZTE has now arrived in the UK and it’s with the Racer, their first branded handset available only on the 3 network. The pair have an established relationship but this is the first time ZTE have put their name on a phone, leaving 3 to brand the device’s rear cover. Here’s the spec: Google […]

Want to Be an App Developer? Google Makes it Easy

If you’ve looked on with envious eyes at software developers creating their own applications for the iPhone, Symbian, Windows, Android and any amount of other mobile platforms, but couldn’t join in the fun because you didn’t know any programming languages, Google may have launched the exact tool for you. The App Inventor can be found inside Google Labs and is an app creation tool for the Android operating system, but made for people who aren’t programmers. According to Google, the App Inventor can be used to write any application you can think of, from a new game to an educational tool […]

No Nexus Two Says Google

When the Google Nexus One debuted at the beginning of the year, it was thought that it was the first in a series of Nexus mobile phones. Indeed, the online store where Google sold the Nexus One was touted as the future home for all Nexus models along with other high-end Android devices. However, it now seems that the Nexus One will remain unique, as Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, has said they will not be following it up with the Nexus Two. Speaking to The Telegraph, Mr. Schmidt said they initially built the N1 to kickstart the Android revolution and […]