Crowdsourced Map Apps

Smartphone users can now submit data to a variety of map-making projects. We take a look at some of the most useful one out there…

A Closer Look at the New HTC Sense Features

If the new HTC Desire HD and Desire Z shot straight to the top of your must-have gadget list, then you’ll want to know all about the latest version of HTC Sense which will be available on these two mobile phones first.  The popular user interface, as that’s what it is no matter what HTC say, is already excellent and easily the best of its kind, so how has it been improved this time? Here is a breakdown of all that is new: The biggest announcement was that of, a website specifically for Sense users where they’ll be able […]

Google Maps Update Adds Walking Navigation

Late last week, Google updated their Maps application for Android, sending version 4.5 out into the public.  The biggest change comes with the introduction of Walking Navigation Beta, which as the name suggests makes guidance easier if you’re walking around instead of driving. If you live in a big city, this is invaluable as the route suggested for a car is rarely the same as the route you would take on foot, so Google have optimised the software to provide the most sensible, direct route if you select the pedestrian option.  To make orientation easier, the image will rotate as […]

Free Navigation for UK Android Users!

What a pleasant surprise! The UK has looked at the US’s free Google Maps Navigation feature with envious eyes ever since it was released with Android v2.0 back in October last year. But now Google has announced its release for the UK market and best of all, it’s available for download today from the Android Market! If you have an Android phone running v1.6 or higher, then adding the new application will bring voice-guided navigation to the usual Google Maps image along with Street View too, plus the Voice Search feature has been enabled to allow you to perform searches of the […]