Latest Gingerbread Version Rolled Out To Nexus S

Google has begun updating its Nexus S smartphones to Android Gingerbread 2.3.6 in territories across the world including the UK. The Samsung-built Nexus S uses a “stock” version of Android with no customised UI layer such as HTC’s Sense or Motorola’s MotoBlur, and as such gets its software updates direct from Google over the air, negating the need to connect the device to a computer reflash the firmware. Don’t get too excited though, as 2.3.6 is only a minor update to 2.3.4 primarily to fix a voice-search bug and provide enhancements to wireless and USB tethering. Upgrading takes just a […]

Motoblur Name To Be Phased Out

Motorola has revealed that it has stopped using the name Motoblur, partly due to public feedback. The Android skin will still feature on its devices for the foreseeable future however…

No MotoBlur for Moto Xoom

Motorola has confirmed that the recently announced Motorola Xoom will not come with custom skin MotoBlur and instead offer a pure Android experience.

Motorola Defy – Defies Expectations

The Motorola Defy claims to be the latest indestructible smartphone. It may have survived being publically bathed and withstand a dust attack too, but does it have a softer side beneath that tough exterior? We dug deeper to find out.

Motorola Flipout – Good Flipping Fun!

We put the Motorola Flipout through its paces to see if there was more to it than just a quirky design. Find out how it shapes up in our in-depth handset review.

Android Evolution Eliminates Need for Motoblur

Motorola recently announced that it will stop focusing on promoting its Android user interface replacement known as Motoblur. This is probably due at least in part to the fact that the evolution of the Android platform itself makes the software unnecessary. The core purpose of Motoblur is to facilitate social networking on certain models of Motorola phones such as the Motorola DEXT. The UI relies on various social networking widgets to simplify the frequent and combined use of sites like Facebook and Twitter. Motoblur was very useful for users when it was first released. However, changes to the Android platform […]