Samsung Beam Projector Phone Caught Hiding at MWC

Strangely, Samsung hasn’t made a big fuss over the phone codenamed ‘Halo’ at Mobile World Congress, leaving it hidden away for only the eagle-eyed to find.  Perhaps this will change as the show progresses, as the Halo has a killer feature yet to hit the mainstream – a projector.  The official name of the Halo is likely to be the i8520 Beam. Before we get into that, here is a rundown of the Halo’s other specification: Huge 3.7″ Super AMOLED touchscreen. An 8 megapixel camera with autofocus and flash. 3G with HSDPA. Wi-Fi and GPS. 16GB storage. A 3.5mm jack […]

Nokia RoadMap Tip Off

Ahead of Nokia’s press conference during the first day of Mobile World Congress, Tom’s Guide, a French tech website, has released details from what is claimed to be their 2010 roadmap.  ‘Tom’ has remained tight-lipped on the majority of new phones featured on the document, but has indicated that Nokia will be edging away from using names alongside the model numbers of their phones, and will instead streamline their range into five distinct series: The C series.  We have already heard of some devices in this range, which will consist of entry-level mobile phones, with few features other than the […]

HTC Legend Goes Dutch

The HTC Legend just won’t stay away; it has made yet another appearance this week, but this time from no fault of its own. Dutch Operator KPN had posted the HTC Legend online for all to see, along with some spec info and release details on their website. It has since been taken down, making us believe it was either a human error or a perhaps an ingenious stunt to attract traffic. Either way it was enough to confirm the Legend’s existence and get us all talking. The page was purely for Legends users to sign up for phone updates. […]

Sagem Puma Mobile Phone to Debut Next Week?

It was way back in October that the first official words were spoken about the Sagem Puma phone. Since then it has been kept pretty much under wraps. However, this week has brought two developments in the sports phone story. Firstly, Mobile Crunch have snapped the solar panelled rear of the Puma handset and naturally spread the word. Next and perhaps more importantly, a Puma site has gone up with an official countdown until the grand unveiling. The 5 day timer points to a MWC announcement sometime on Tuesday 16th. The teaser site isn’t giving much away, but those clever kids […]

LG’s New GS500 Cookie Plus Officially Announced

The success of the LG Cookie has obviously been so great that despite coming up with the LG Pop – a great alternative – LG have revived the Cookie name for the new GS500, or LG Cookie Plus.  This is the second mid-range handset from LG to be announced ahead of Mobile World Congress this week, and we wonder just what it is they don’t want to crowd at their event. Oddly though, LG have not released all of the Cookie Plus’s specifications, preferring to tell us how fun the phone is in the press release, but never actually getting […]

S5260 Monte – More Mid-Range Touch Fun From Samsung

The S5260 Monte has been made official this week, a few days ahead of the start of Mobile World Congress.  Do Samsung have so many exciting top-range handsets that they feel the need to announce their mid-range devices before the big event?  We certainly hope so! Anyway, back to the Monte.  From its spec sheet, it looks to be the replacement for the year-old S5600 Preston: A 3″ capacitive touchscreen. Wi-Fi and Assisted GPS. 3.2 megapixel camera. MicroSD card slot. 3G with HSPDA. The Monte uses Samsung’s familiar TouchWiz user interface, this time in the form of version 2.0, but […]

HTC Legend Makes Its On-Camera Debut

Previously appearing only in text form on the HTC’s 2010 roadmap and as a pretty render mid-December, the HTC Legend has now graduated to actual, real mobile phone with its first appearance on camera.  And for once, the photographer has used autofocus. It always had a good look to it, but seeing it here gives the impression the Legend will be a sturdy beast, and an attractive one too provided they keep that ‘hewn from a solid piece of metal’ look to it. It’s looking very similar to the render, with a set of hardware keys below the screen and […]