Motorola Defy+ Announced

Motorola announce the follow-up to the Defy, called the Defy+. It features an upgraded spec and the latest Google Android Gingerbread operating system.

Vive La Différence! The Apple iPad vs. iPad 2

You’ve still got a few weeks before the iPad 2 goes on sale, so now is the time to examine the differences between it and the first iPad. We compare features and design to see what Apple has changed for their second tablet computer release.

MWC 2011: Xperia Play Finally Launched!

Sony Ericsson’s press conference concluded with the evening’s biggest launch, that of the Xperia Play, or the PlayStation Phone. Easily one of the most exciting, and potentially most important, phone releases of the year, it’s every bit as great as we hoped!

HP Think Small with the Veer

The first new product unveiled at yesterday’s HP event was the HP Veer, a compact smartphone running the latest version of Palm’s webOS; although the Palm name appears to have been dropped altogether. See inside for the little Veer’s feature list.

The HP TouchPad Brings webOS to Tablet Table

Powered by webOS 3.0 and a dual-core 1.2Ghz Snapdragon processor, the new HP TouchPad certainly grabs the headlines, but will it grab the hearts of all the keen tablet buyers out there?