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BlackBerry OS 10 Screenshots Leaked

Images allegedly revealing the UI for the next generation BlackBerry 10 operating system have been acquired showing a drastically changed interface for the RIM OS…

Top Ten Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week

Enjoy our roundup of ten mobile phone related news stories you may have missed this week including two new Samsung phones, Stephen Elop’s comments on quad-core processors and a Vertu teaser for a new Ferrari phone. 1. Quad-core Smartphones? Not Everyone is Convinced In a recent interview with TechRadar, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop defended the company’s decision to use high-power single-core processors in its new Lumia smartphones. He admitted to a disliking of the mobile industry’s obsession with constantly improving specs, and said “You don’t need a quad-core phone unless you want to keep your hands warm in your pocket.” 2. […]